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Macleay College delivers an industry-focused approach to learning. Develop real-world knowledge and skills for your career.

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Advertising & Digital Media Courses

Advertising touches almost every part of our highly digital lives. Experts in this field provide creative and strategic solutions for brands, businesses, services and social organisations.

Macleay College’s Advertising & Digital Media courses teach you how to develop and manage communications campaigns in a variety of roles and across all mediums, including TV, print, digital, radio, web, podcasts and social media.

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Business Courses

Macleay College courses in business, accounting, and marketing foster entrepreneurial thinking with a focus on action and project-based learning.

Interactive presentations, industry-specific case studies and collaborative and individual assignments combined with small business-related projects stimulate innovative thinking to help you achieve your full potential.

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Journalism Courses

Society relies on quality journalism to question, investigate and inform. The media industry demands well-trained, digitally-savvy journalists who can adapt their skills in a dynamic landscape.

Macleay College's journalism courses embed digital reporting skills into the key disciplines of news reporting, investigative journalism, international journalism, television reporting, radio journalism and photojournalism, so you become a working journalist on day one.

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