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digital media

Bachelor of Digital Media

Specialise in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Why choose a Macleay College Advertising and Digital Media Course?

  • At Macleay College we believe in real world course content to ensure you're job ready.
  • Our course material and teaching method incorporates the latest industry practices and real world experience.
  • Our lecturers have industry experience and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Our small classes feature personalised teaching that nurtures your unique strengths.

Why study Advertising and Digital Media?

You check Instagram and Facebook first thing each morning, and know what it’s like to tumble down the Pinterest rabbit hole. You create captions with ease and flair, and you know that an event or party didn’t really happen unless it was captured on Snapchat. It’s time to embrace your digital native and carve out a career from what you love. Harness your existing social media skills and add some essential marketing know-how into the mix. Learn how to create, produce and measure digital and social media marketing campaigns that make an impact and, most importantly, get in people’s heads.

What will you learn?

You can become a savvy digital marketer or social media manager in no time. The good news is, you’ve found your passion in a booming industry with no sign of slowing down. Your opportunities are limited only by how big you dare to dream. From core units in Digital Design, Design Thinking and Social Media Strategy to specialisation units such as Foundations of Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, The Marketing Plan and Applied Marketing Psychology, you’ll find marketing insights at every turn. The time for your voice to cut through the clutter is right now.

Why study this course?

There’s never been a better time to carve out a career in digital marketing. Learn to become a strategic communicator and create digital marketing and social media campaigns that grab attention and say something. Develop social media ideas for game-changing brands, hone your content writing skills or become a social media influencer. Our intimate classes and hands-on, industry-focused learning and internship program will help you build connections, open doors and create opportunities Your future in Digital & Social Media Marketing looks highly shareable.

Job outcomes

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Community Manager
  • Digital Communications Coordinator
Course Features
Next Trimester:
February 2020
Full Time:
2 Years
Part Time:
4 Years
3 Years
Number of Units:
168 Hours
Evening Classes:
Sydney + Melbourne
Admission Requirements:
Fees per Unit:
Payment Options:
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Options for International Students:
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This qualification is recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework and is accredited to 15/08/2023 CRICOS Code 094006E

Meet the course lecturers and alumni

Toby Vervaart
Rebecca Hamilton
Simon Cardwell
Jodie Hutchinson
Julieann Brooker
Candy Hertz
Louise Chamberlain
Ian Thomson
Glen Fraser
Lisa Faye

A Taste Of The Internship Possibilities

The Hallway
the monkeys
The Station

The Digital Media Curriculum





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