3 Apps You Have To Download Right Now

Isabella Takes Us Through The Best Apps That Can Help Manage Stress and Anxiety Levels, Sleep Health, And Guided Meditation. 

The chaotic nature of our current world has evidently hindered our mental health. It is crucial that we attempt to find activities and resources that will facilitate in assisting our capacity to think, engage and to continue with our daily lives. The following three apps are a good starting point to managing stress and anxiety, increasing sleep levels as well as setting aside time to unwind or meditate.

Stress & Anxiety



Sitting still is a relatively foreign concept to me. I usually need something to fidget with or to touch. However, the headspace app does a really good job at allowing myself to be present and to switch my attention to the chosen guide at hand. The app offers a diverse range of meditation guides which focus on topics such as stress and anxiety. The voiceover for the guides is by the creator of the app and former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe. This is arguably the highlight of the app for me as his soft and soothing voice has the ability to make you doze off (but in a good way!).


 Sleep Cycle


Until recently, I would often wake up feeling groggy or disorientated, not knowing why I was feeling sleepy after an 8 hour plus sleep. It wasn’t until I was recommended to download sleep cycle by a friend that this all started to make sense. To put it simply, sleep cycle tracks your sleeping patterns and assesses your various cycles of sleep. When setting your alarm, you need to provide a 30-minute window of opportunity in which the app can wake you up. It then determines the best time for your alarm to go off based on when you’re experiencing the lighter moments of your sleep. This means that you can reduce the likelihood of waking up during your REM sleep (the explanation for me previously waking up and feeling terrible.)

Using this app is also a good opportunity to reflect back on your month or weeks’ worth of sleep and to determine if there are activities or parts of your daily routine that you can tweak to increase or change your sleeping patterns detected by the app.

We know sleep is an important determinant in living a healthy life, yet we often fail to prioritise it. Using sleep cycle is a great way to kick start your journey to maximised sleep.

For Meditation



There are multiple functions to the app calm but the one that stands out to me the most is for meditation. The app provides an extensive database of meditation options ranging from “how to meditate” guides to “30 days of mindfulness”.  If meditation is a relatively new concept for you, try starting off with a 10-minute meditation session or basics session each day and then slowly increase the time as you begin to feel more comfortable. Another perk to this app is that you can use calm offline by downloading/ favouriting your chosen guide. No Wi-Fi, no problem. If you’re reading this thinking that you might forget to prioritise a meditation session, you can plan head by scheduling a session on the app in which an alarm will go off.

You can join me tomorrow as I’m about to start the 21 days of calm.

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