5 reasons why Macleay College is your alternative to University…

Hippo Charge


Let me get this straight – you’re signing up for four years of study with no guarantee of gaining experience or employment in your chosen field?

Umm… really?

What if someone told you that in 12 months’ time you could complete an internship, gain new skills that are best in market and have the right experience to begin working in your dream job?
Sounds crazy, right?

Here are five reasons why Macleay can offer YOU an alternative.

1. A qualification worth more than the paper it’s printed on

Have you ever heard the story about the man who did all the wrong things and still succeeded? Nope, neither have we. To be successful you need to be making the right moves at the right time. Luckily, Macleay College designs its diplomas and degrees around industry-specific teaching. Our teachers work in their industry now, they know what’s required to succeed in their industry and they know how to make you valuable to that industry.


2. Your connection to industry

What universities won’t tell you is that a degree without experience is like a license without a car. You’ve got the paperwork, but you’re not moving anywhere. You can spend four years eating instant noodles, studying all night and sleeping through lectures – but still have no guarantee of stepping into your field of dreams because you don’t have any experience. The good news is that every Macleay student graduates with solid experience. Our internship program forms an integral part of your course – what better way is there to learn about your industry by gaining experience in your industry? Recent graduates are now working at places including Channel Ten, the NSW Rugby League, News Ltd, Harley-Davidson, Cronulla Sharks and other high-profile companies.


3. Facts that paint a pretty picture

• Internships in your preferred industry that can lead to future success
• Grad success stories like this one, and this one, and this one...
• The Hippopotamus creates its own sunscreen. This is irrelevant, but you should never stop learning.


4. Skills that pay the bills

It’s one thing to teach a dog new tricks, but what’s the use if he can’t find an audience? To make sure you have the best chance of securing employment after graduating from Macleay, part of your diploma or degree will involve formal training in job seeking, interview skills and preparation of your CV. We also assist in creating a portfolio of your work, along with a list of industry contacts to ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your networking and career opportunities.


5. Only the best will do

Remember the flowers you ordered for the funeral that arrived as a clown that did balloon tricks? A bad experience can stay with you for life, so why take the risk on your future? Here at Macleay we like to consider ourselves as the best in what we do. With cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, the latest software and industry standard facilities, your future is literally at your fingertips.

So you could sign up for four more years of lectures, study and assignments – or you could start working on your dream today

The choice is yours. Your life’s calling.

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