6 Steps for Career Changers

Looking at a career change? Good for you. It’s important to be working in an industry that suits your skills and goals. These can change over time as you evolve, so it makes sense that your first choice may no longer be the best fit. But before you take the plunge, make sure you’ve done your homework.

#1 Evaluate:

  • Your current job satisfaction

    How do you feel in your current job? What is it about this role that you don’t enjoy? Perhaps make a list of pros and cons to see it all in visual form.
  • What you want

    What is motivating this desire for change? Is it for career progression, more time for family and friends, flexibility, or financial gain? Be clear about what you want this change to bring about.
  • Your interests, values and skills

    Be honest with yourself and think about what you enjoy, but also what your skills are such as writing, designing or video making. Can you turn these into a career? Consider your values as well, and whether they align with your new ideas.


#2 Research


  • Spend time chatting with people already working in the industry. LinkedIn has a great feature that matches you with professionals who can offer you free career advice.

  • Look at the job roles that exist in this industry. Are they of interest?


#3 Test it out


  • Before you take the plunge, try volunteering or interning if you can spare the time. Even shadowing someone for a day will give you a feel for what you can expect.


#4 Upskill


  • What skills will you need for a career change? Do you need a short course or a degree? Or can you can teach yourself what you need by watching YouTube tutorials or signing up to a learning platform such as Lynda? Consider time and financial commitments too.


#5 Get a second (or third) opinion


  • Weigh up the pros and cons with friends and family. Talking it through can bring new insights and help you to firm up your ideas.

  • You can always hire someone if you need professional advice. Many people go through career changes successfully, and career counsellors can help you achieve this.


#6 Take the plunge


If a career change is right for you, it’s time to take the plunge. Have a chat to one of our Careers Advisors about a Macleay course that may suit you.


Just email study@macleay.edu.au to set up a time.

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