6 ways that technology is changing the events industry

The events industry is growing all around the world and technology is evolving with it. Many of the  event planning trends that have long been discussed will soon be within reach. Start-ups, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are all working to create solutions to streamline event production and exceed consumer expectations. Smartphones also have more capabilities and connections to our lives, and event tech is becoming more affordable and targeted to individual needs.

It’s important to consider how updates in technology are transforming the events industry.

Facial recognition

Home tech is influencing event tech. As with voice search, facial recognition is likely to spill over into the events industry. In the long-term, facial recognition will provide more efficiency, improved safety and security, and better social media reach post-event.

Mobile ticketing

Mobile is taking every industry by storm, including events. Just look at ticket buying systems. There are significant possibilities for clients when it comes to mobile ticketing, such as straightforward management of the ticketing back-end. Consumers are pushing for fully integrated mobile experiences at events, which is likely to improve attendee engagement.

Smart flooring

Clever flooring is creating some exciting opportunities for events, through easy data collection and analysis. Smart mats and other unobtrusive technologies can collect data from critical areas and increase sponsorships with real-time data and known traffic numbers.


Chatbots have become the new normal, with event attendees using voice assistants at home in record numbers. There are plenty of ways chatbots can be used to enhance attendee experience, such as: by designing a system to answer frequently asked questions with chat and using chatbots for exit surveys.

Attendee data

Data gathering remains unrealised in the events industry, but that is set to change. Technologies like QR codes can help event professionals collect data from attendees actively scanning different objects at a live event. Near Field Communication (NFC) and other location-based tracking can also deepen insights from live events.


Personalisation is becoming more actionable in event tech, in more sophisticated ways than just adding someone’s name to an email. New ways to personalise an approach include: using activity history for personalisation, analysing attendees’ preferences by noting click-throughs and presenting relevant content, and alerting attendees when they are near their contacts using networking apps.

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