7 sports marketing tips from Brooke Moyson

Former marketing manager of Speedo Brooke Moyson recently spoke to Macleay's business students. Prior to Speedo she worked as an account manager for Toyota, the major sponsor of the AFL. Other career highlights include executing the marketing campaign and strategy for the 2012 London and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Read on for Brooke's 7 best pieces of advice about breaking into sports marketing and leveraging brand ambassadors and social media influencers.

1. Be proactive when you are starting out

Sports marketing is a difficult industry to crack initially, but once you're in you're in. You need to find your competitive advantage, be creative and determined. Something that I would say to my (younger) self is don't be afraid to ask for help.

2. Consider international experience

Work overseas to build your experience and also to open the door to new opportunities. Working with different cultures and different people is one of the best things you can ever do for your career.

3. Respond to opportunity

The rise of social media is exciting for marketing professionals as it’s allowed young people to express themselves in a more bespoke fashion. No longer do we have to follow mass media trends.

4. Make success measurable

There’s no point of a marketing campaign if you can’t track its success. For outdoor advertising, for example, make sure there’s a specific website for people to visit or a QR code to scan.

5. Alliances can save brands

Reebok was a dying sports brand until they sponsored CrossFit. Puma’s latest campaign has Rihanna and Selena Gomez at the helm in an attempt to reclaim the female sports apparel market.

6. Remember your brand personality when choosing your ambassador

Speedo is a wholesome, family, follow-the-rules type of company, so we needed personalities who matched that. Influencers, such as bikini models and social media models approached us frequently at Speedo, but it was clear by looking at their Instagram feed they didn’t fit with our brand personality.

7. Keep upping the ante

When your competitors are doing well, you need to up the ante and find your brand’s competitive edge. Speedo found theirs by developing an alliance with other brands. Being able to offer free products particularly appeals to younger athletes.

Brooke Moyson also studied a double degree in sports administration and marketing, and has also worked for the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Racing Victoria, Victorian Racing Club, the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and then in Switzerland for the UEFA Champions League.

If you like the sound of a career in sports marketing, check out our Sports Business course. You could soon be learning from industry professionals just like Brooke.

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