A Day in the Life: Bree Grant | Features & Style Writer at DOLLY

Bree Grant finished her Diploma of Journalism at Macleay College in 2013 and has skipped the career ladder to jump straight in the lift. Talented, articulate and extremely generous with her time, Bree has all the makings of a great leader and is definitely one to keep an eye on as she goes from strength to strength.

Bree Grant Features and Style writer at DOLLY Magazine

A day in my life goes a little like this…

5:30am: First thing I do when I wake up is check my emails, socials and see what’s happening in the world that day and if it’s going to affect my day. Then, if it’s a good day I’m usually heading to the beach for a run and swim or off to F45 to do a full-on work out for 45 minutes. I don’t drink coffee so I usually grab a smoothie and head to work around 7:45.

8:45am: Public transport sucks in Sydney so it usually takes me around an hour to get to work. During that hour I’m usually checking emails, writing back to people and scouring socials to see what the teens are obsessing over, what celebrities are getting up to and what photoshoots, products and fashion lines have dropped. Then, I am usually greeted by the greatest team of people you will ever meet!


9:00am: My day-to-day grind is always changing; I can be shooting one day, building a bedroom another, making fake snow for shoots or interviewing a boy band, it’s always different, fun and exciting. Working for a teen magazine allows for so much creativity and freedom that every day is another chance to learn and keep growing as a writer and stylist. 


11:00am: Throw in a couple meetings.

1:00pm:  We try and have team lunches as often as we can where we just chill, hang out and just discuss things other than work to keep a good work/life balance. After lunch it’s back to the grind.

5:30pm: We usually wrap up the day around 5:30 unless we are on deadline or sending the mag. I always finish the day the way I started checking emails, checking socials and planning my next day.


How did you get the job? I interned at CLEO/DOLLY two days a week for about a year and a half before scoring a job as their Beauty Assistant. About a year later I was promoted to Beauty Writer across both titles. Then when CLEO closed down and DOLLY was reduced to 5 staff I got the job I have now which is Features and Style writer at DOLLY. 


What is one part of your job that you love doing? This is super cheesy but I just love my job full stop. I work with a bunch of crazy talented people who have so much to offer. The team at DOLLY is so damn passionate and really love and live for the brand which makes working each day a dream, it's hard work creating a magazine with just 5 of us but so worth it.

Who do you look up to/who is your career idol? Right now, I’d have to say my Editor, Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke. She’s re-invented an iconic teen mag that helps thousands of teens every day and is so full of love and passion for its readers, it’s unreal.  She created a mag that is seriously ALL KILLER NO FILLER. And I hope that one day I can lead a team the way she does.

What’s the hardest lesson you have learnt career wise? That sometimes things happens, stuff doesn't go to plan or you miss out on an opportunity but you should never ever stop working hard for what you want.  And, to always be graceful in hard times - people remember how you handle bad situations and it speaks a lot of someone who is graceful when under pressure or defeated.  

What advice would you give someone looking to follow your footsteps? Work hard, be respectful and always be willing to learn. You’ll never be the smartest person in a room, and if you are you’re in the wrong room.

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