A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur


Blog written by: Jonathan Berger

Exhibition day was certainly a day of mixed emotions. A great sigh of relief to have finally made it to the day that you’d been working towards for the last six months. An incredible amount of nerves knowing you were about to pitch in front of a panel of individuals that you yourself are hoping to be like one day, and finally the realisation that today was that day.

Throughout it all there was a wave of adrenaline that pushed you over the finish line, ending with yet another sigh of relief. Above everything else however, there was an enormous sense of achievement and a slight hint of disbelief at what we had all accomplished at the end of this particular journey.


Everything that we’ve learnt at Macleay College and in particular to the Entrepreneurship Project has been such a surreal experience. It helped us to realise not just an idea that could be turned into a viable business, it more so allowed everyone to find a passion that they could transform into a world of possibilities.

Throughout it all, it’s nearly impossible to accomplish it all on your own. I got to savour this experience with two amazing team members: Amy and Sharne. All three of us being Travel and Tourism students, we found it easy to relate and work together sharing a love of travel. So it only seemed natural to conceive a company with a unique way of planning a holiday experience.

Through this shared passion, every single one of us stepped up and equally shared the responsibility of bringing the business together, from the revenue and market structure all the way to our company logo. At the end of those challenging six months, it all paid off in ways we never expected.

Once exhibition day arrived, we didn’t stop. That adrenaline mixed with nervous excitement is what sustained us throughout the whole day. The opportunity to pitch your Business to a panel of real entrepreneurs and receive critical feedback and then being able to sell both your business and the brand that you’ve created to a public space was gave an overwhelming rush of pride for all of us. Being able to see potential customers react in such a positive and excited way to your product is absolutely brilliant. It further encourages the notion that stepping outside of the Macleay arena and running your own business is a real world possibility.


The Entrepreneurship Project at Macleay doesn’t just give you the knowledge and skills needed to setup and run your business, it helps you realise a crucial element in helping it come to fruition from the beginning; which is passion.

Personally, Exhibition Day gave me a taste of what a day in the life of an Entrepreneur would be like, and it is certainly a life that I would love and intend to continue living.

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