A recap of my first Trimester at Macleay!

Current student Yvonne takes us through her first semester at Macleay.


Years ago, choosing to do a hospitality course was the best decision I’d ever made, because it was a decision, I’d made for myself. And I remember just last year, how ready I was to make the same decision again for myself. I was ready to leave the industry I loved behind, to move onto the next stage of my life. College. Who’d ever thought I’d go back to school?! Certainly not me. The first step was to go online and look through course options. I found one called the “Diploma of Digital and Social Media Marketing.” It just called my name! Sitting in the classroom for my first lesson, I knew I was in the right place. I wanted to work in the PR, Media/ Entertainment and Social Media industry in the future, so I thought this course would be an amazing way to get started.

I’d never heard of Macleay College, but when I dug deeper, it just looked so perfect for me. Small classrooms, lots of interaction from the lecturers who have years of industry experience, and a community that really cares and wants you to succeed. And honestly, after completing my first semester there, I can say it is SO true. You get to know everyone around the college, you form great relationships with your lecturers who REALLY care about you, and only want you to succeed. You also meet many other amazing students who are on the same journey as you. Especially during this tough period, all the lecturers have really stepped up and made sure we still get a great learning experience even from our homes.



Yvonne studying remotely from home. 

I honestly can’t say which unit I liked more in my first semester. This semester, I studied Introduction to Digital and Social Media Marketing taught by Florence Dobbie, Creative Processes taught by Jules Brooker, Digital Design taught by Jason Gemenis and Foundations of Marketing taught by Manny Aston. If you get any of these lecturers, you’re in luck because they are all absolutely amazing!

- Creative Processes was really a process! Pun intended. We chose a product (Jules pushed us to do something we don’t normally associate ourselves with). So, I chose Meguiar’s Car polish, and we did 3 assignments based off of this one product that included a research project, creating an industry standard creative brief, and a mixed media campaign. All will guarantee to kick your butts! But it really pushed me and my peers to reach our true potential, and so doing this unit was really rewarding to all of us. Jules you rock! Thanks for always making sure we submitted something that was nothing less than the best!

- The Digital Design unit was a wonderful class taught by Jason. I loved coming into every class and seeing what “Ads of the week” he had for us. This unit allowed me to flex my creative muscle. It was one of my favourite classes because it was as relaxing as doing a painting class on a sunny afternoon. We learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Thanks for being a gem Jason (Gem)enis, get it?

- Foundations of Marketing was next. Manny’s lectures are always delivered with so much fun and flair! He was a Masters in Psychology grad, so he always loved relating his concepts to real life scenarios. We got to learn and understand what Marketing is in a nutshell, for example if you go to the cinemas and you want to buy 3 popcorns, the small is priced at $4.50, the medium is priced at $6, and the large priced at $7.50. Of course, you will choose the large size most of the time, and that’s because marketers use the medium size priced of $6 to make it seem like you’re getting a better deal by getting the large. This is called Decoy pricing. Fun fact, right?

- Last but definitely not least, Introduction to Digital and Social Media by the amazing Florence! This unit also taught me a lot. We got to delve into our digital & social media use, and how prominent marketing is in our everyday life (people scrolling through Instagram, I know you know what I mean!). We also learnt about customer personas and even got to create ourselves as a persona, to see ourselves through the eyes of the marketers! We even got to see how Google Analytics and Facebook ads work, and we ended off with creating a Digital & Social Media Marketing Campaign. Thanks for being amazing Flo and for always providing us with ways to be better!



Yvonne with her Macleay welcome pack from Orientation. 

I guess you can tell how much I enjoyed my first semester at Macleay College. Yes, it was honestly hard doing 12 assignments within 3 months, but it was so worth it.


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