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Journalism or Marketing? Why not have both!

The once journalism, now marketing, student began his journey at Macleay with a week of work experience. Now, having landed a marketing role after his first year of marketing studies, Aidan Fedorow's story is the daily dose of motivation you never thought you needed.

Aidan has been a part of the Macleay College community long before he even began his degree. As a high school student, he completed his work experience at Macleay and after feeling particularly compelled after his time here he decided to study not one but two courses at the college.


“In year 10 I did work experience 3 days at Macleay and before exams, I was given early entry into Macleay as well as some other Universities, however because of the reputation of the Journalism Diploma at Macleay was so good and doing work experience there, at Macleay, there was just a lot of boxes ticked there”.


After finishing the Diploma of Journalism in 2018 he had a slight change of heart like many school-leavers do and questioned if his choice in degrees was the right one. So, he did what any right-minded person would do, he took a year off and travelled the world ‘eat, pray, love’ style and came back with a re-energised perspective.


Without a doubt Aidan knew that he wanted to continue his studies with Macleay even if that meant changing degree paths, so upon his return, he enrolled for the Bachelor of Business Degree majoring in Marketing. The experience had with Macleay made the decision on deciding to stay an easy one.  


“The small classes were a massive tick for me, I felt like you had a relationship with lecturers with that almost high school feel and having the opportunity to ask more questions unlike at University which has a couple of hundred students in a lecture theatre”. He also reiterated that Macleay’s chance to complete “your degree in two years was a massive tick because I wanted to get my degree as fast as I can”, something which other universities did not provide.


The broad nature of the Journalism Diploma influenced Aidan’s choice to begin his journey into a Marketing Degree at Macleay as he “picked up on a lot of skills of interest [that] carried through into the Degree of Marketing”.


Aidan thoroughly enjoys the content creation aspect of Marketing and has found that a lot of the skills he is learning and learned from his Journalism Diploma compliment his new degree.


Aidan is already building his experience within the field having landed a Marketing Internship with the data analytics and software company Prospection. Initially a Marketing Intern and now Marketing Assistant at Prospection, Aidan attributes a lot of the skills he built through experience, “definitely stemmed from skills and content that I learned at Macleay, as well as using quite a lot of skills from my Journalism Diploma which has been helpful, and I didn’t quite expect it to be. I can see how the skills I have learned in class and at Macleay have directly applied to my current role”.


Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 9.12.45 am

Aidan Fedorow at Prospection Office (Photo: Supplied)

Students wanting to gain experience through an internship should seek a workplace that encourages growth, ideally in an environment where the student feels comfortable coming forward with new ideas and initiatives.


This was particularly important to Aidan and is one of the many reasons that he enjoys working at Prospection.  He feels that the skills gained during his degree have given him the confidence to make suggestions to his employer.


For example, when “coming up with content articles, I was able to suggest that, because we had done a lot of articles, why not do a video instead and these were video skills from my journalism diploma”.


The complementary relationship between the Journalism Diploma and Marketing Degree reinforces how a change in degree can be a valuable point of difference during one's career journey. “The fact that I had the journalism qualification benefited me and made me a more appealing applicant," he reflected. 


Much of Aidan’s success can be attributed to his drive and determination as an individual. It is clear that his work ethic is deeply ingrained having held a job with Castle Hill Event Cinemas company since Year 9 and now holding a management leadership role.


Despite the shift in work culture and the loss of jobs since the pandemic began Aidan succeeded in the face of adversity in securing his position at Prospection, without even meeting the team until December!


“I’m proud of the work I’ve been able to do at Prospection, especially working online right after starting a new role”.


Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 9.12.53 am

Aidan Fedorow working from home during the Pandemic (Photo: Supplied)


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