Brand Experience Class Ready For Reality

Macleay's Brand Experience students smash their final Trimester presentations. 

The Trimester Two class for Brand Experience started off as it always does. A bunch of quiet kids at the start of the semester were thinking, "I hope 13 weeks go by really fast!" However, from day one, this class broke the mould.

It's the one thing I love about Macleay, the enthusiasm of the students is infectious. I'm sure it's the love I have for teaching and the challenge we agree to at the start: that if they work hard, and grasp a hold of the concepts, we will make them workplace ready. Macleay students don't need to be experts upon graduation. But during interviews, our graduates are always one step ahead due to the practical experience they gain through our courses


Macleay College's Brand Experience class presents their final Trimester presentations. 

Brand Experience enables students to walk into a prospective workplace and talk confidently about the basics of brand management, design, insight and interaction across all channels. Everything about the course is customer-centric, which is the way of the marketing world! I love sharing my own experience and seeing how students interact with one another on each project.

In the final week, I set the students a challenge before they presented their final assignment on brands they know and love. The mission is to take their projects to the companies they're built around and show them. The class presentation was, in fact, only a practice run! This is a test of ultimate bravery. But if I was a Head of Marketing at one of those companies and one of these concepts was delivered to me, I know who I would be hiring!

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Students conducted all their own research and produced work not only capturing brand attributes and values but one that helped deliver on business goals. The creativity of students – unconstrained by budget – is what makes their work extra special. To top it all off, students afraid of presenting at the start of trimester stood up with confidence. Ten out of ten in my book!

Bunnings, Coke, Dove, Air New Zealand, Koala, Johnnie Walker, Airbnb, Apple, Honey Birdette, Old Spice and Cadbury: you are on notice! If you get a call over the next few weeks from any of my students, please take 30 minutes to listen and mentor. I have no doubt there will be a million reasons why they might not be right for now – we get it. But my students are ready for the workforce. It's the beauty of Macleay! Being a graduate of Macleay myself, I speak to this with the utmost confidence.

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