Brand new Melbourne student has her first story published – in ‘The Age’!

A big congratulations to Macleay College’s Journalism student and Hatch Reporter Indi Brummelen on her first story published in ‘The Age’. Eyelash extensions have become an increasingly popular trend over the past two years, prompting Mater Christi to implement its “no eyelash extension policy”. Indi’s story centred around how students were forced to pull out fake eyelashes for school photos, due to the school’s uniform policy stating that only minimal foundation and mascara were allowed. Ouch!

The story was originally written for Hatch as apart of Indi’s newsroom work, but ‘The Age’ recognised its news value and helped get the story to a wider reach. Not bad for Indi’s first week of College and not to mention a great team effort.

Indi explains in the story that, “students were left with inflamed, irritated and swollen eyes after they were forced to pull out eyelash extensions and remove make-up with antibacterial wipes”. Students were allegedly threatened with suspension if they did not remove the lashes and were told they would miss out on school photos. It was understood that some students were wearing the eyelash extensions in preparation for an upcoming Year 12 formal.

Indi was in absolute awe that something she had offhandedly mentioned in the Macleay newsroom a few days earlier became such a big story not only within the Macleay community but publicly as well. “I’m honestly overwhelmed with the amount of response my article has had since being published in The Age. It’s crazy to think this happened to me after only three days in the course, which is why I’m so grateful for the journalism faculty and the support they’ve shown me”.

Here at Macleay, we’re proud to celebrate the successes and achievements of our Macleay students and staff. You can find more of Indi’s work, and stories by all of our journalism students on Hatch or alternatively follow Indi on her journey via Twitter (@IndiBrumm). Wondering where a journalism qualification could take you? Learn more today.

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