Meet Bryce Webster

Bryce Webster

After completing the Diploma of Marketing, Bryce Webster landed a role at the Sydney Roosters. 
His role at the club has grown from social media co-ordinator, to digital producer, to multimedia specialist and now Lead Content Producer. We invited him back to find out why he chose Macleay and what he’s up to now.

Bryce-Webster.pngTell us a bit about yourself
26 years old, born and bred in Sydney, massive movie buff and music fan, run a radio show at Bondi Beach Radio on weekends and work full time at the Sydney Roosters as their Lead Content Producer.

What are your aspirations?
I’ve ticked the boxes for doing what I love for a living, now I aspire to build on that and never settle for less than great. I want to move up the ranks in all aspects of life and do it like there is no ceiling.

Why did you choose the course?
Honestly, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but knew that Marketing was a way of weaving through many aspects of the creative business. It was through marketing that I found my way to digital and the course has gifted me the knowledge to excel both creatively and from a sales stand-point.

What was the Macleay experience like?
Excellent. My relationship with teachers was superb and the intimate environment allowed students the opportunity to excel in their courses and receive the help they needed to get the most out of a class.

Where did you intern during your studies?
I interned at a law firm and learning centre. It was truly terrible, and lit a fire under me to pursue something I want to do for a living.

Professionally, what are you up to now?
I’m now in my fourth season at the Sydney Roosters as their Lead Content Producer. I started out as the social media producer, and I am now the manager of the person in that position.

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