Budding Entrepreneurs Tackle App Innovation

Macleay's Technology Entrepreneurship students innovate in the classroom.

During the final Technology Entrepreneurship class of the trimester, lecturer Florence Dobbie treats her class to soft-drink and sweets. The unit’s three students – Mikhail, Blake and Kristen – openly share their thoughts on the course.



“I really enjoyed how practical it was,” says Mikhail. “Everything we learned we actually did and put it into use like making the app idea.”

Mikhail's Romankin's 'Uni Key' app tackles disconnection in tertiary education environments. 

Students present their app prototype assignments. Mikhail’s concept ‘Uni Key’ is designed to combat disconnection in tertiary education environments. “Based off my uni experience, before I came to Macleay, I didn’t know anyone,” explains Mikhail. “Uni Key is a hub for the three aspects of uni life: getting through the course, being socially successful and figuring out what you’ll love once uni is over.”

Like its predecessor Facebook, Uni Key is a social networking tool on campus. The main point of difference, however, is that Mikhail’s app functions as both a personal account and hub for academic information. Uni Key facilitates group chats for specific classes, course discussion pages and messaging between lecturers and students. How revolutionary!

Across the table, Blake Thorn admires Florence's French diction, before unpacking his fascination with her lessons. “It was an interesting and entertaining class to be a part of,” says Blake. “I liked coming up the idea and learning the way to see its potential benefits .”

Blake Thorn's product 'Rate That' fixes problems faced by people on a night out.

Blake’s app ‘Rate That’ is designed to fix problems for people going out to bars and clubs. The platform provides information about venues including lock-out times, entry fees and pricing. Like Google Review, Rate That includes a user-generated rating system to ease decision-making.

Unlike its competitor, however, Blake’s product adds consumer value through promotional deals and networking opportunities. “Typically people have a fear of missing out,” explains Blake. “Users can connect with friends via the app and have the ability to see who is at the club.”

Like his peers, Kristen Abalos also targets a young demographic. The budding entrepreneur’s concept ‘Goalshare’ is a productivity app designed to increase efficiency in completing personal tasks. “People struggle with the transition to university because they’re used to being inundated with due dates,” explains Kristen. “Now, they need to be accountable.”

Kristen Abalos developed 'Goalshare' to prevent procrastination amongst young adults.

Reflecting the personalised teaching approach at Macleay's core, Florence finishes the lesson by sharing what she herself learned from her students. "I am thinking of getting rid of the second class portfolio because it was so similar to the assessment at the end," she says. "I was making sense of it for you guys."

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