College Survival Guide

Follow this first-aid kit, jam-packed with great life hacks and tips about surviving -- and thriving -- in your first few months of College.

1. Learn the lay of the land: Explore your new home and the nooks and crannies of surrounding neighbourhoods. Identify where all of the important places are: the post office, train and bus stations and local parks to get your daily dose of Vitamin D! Also check where the local doctor’s office and best coffee shops and pubs are. Check in with Student Services for a list of local businesses where you can get a Macleay student discount.


2. Say YES! Get involved from day one and never… I repeat NEVER say no to any opportunities. Pitch days, Orientation, campus events, student study groups and gatherings... Be there! No better time to 'carpe diem' it (Latin for seize the day) than your first few months of college.


3. Get organised. Discipline yourself from the get-go by setting aside enough time for study hours, exercise and social time. Strike a balance and never underestimate the power of a to do list. Take it from Macleay Senior Lecturer and Study Guru Manny Aston.

4. Embrace opportunity. The professors, administrators and staff love to see their students succeed. Their advice is there for the taking, so tap into the knowledge and experience that’s right in front of you. Our Student Services team here at Macleay can also help you with the following:

  • Booking counselling services
  • Organising meetings with lecturers and staff members
  • Booking equipment hire
  • Moodle and timetable support
  • General enquiries

Call Student Services on 02 8373 5100 or email them at for assistance. Dr. Manny Aston our Student Success Program Coordinator is also always contactable to via Don't forget to reach out for support if you need it as we are always here to help. 


5. Take responsibility. You are an official grown up now and you need to put on your big kid shoes. Be honest with yourself and identify the areas where you struggle. Is it procrastination or time management? Is it reading or taking notes? Hone in on the issue and work towards improvement. It’s only up from here, right?

If you tick all of the above boxes you are well on your way to making every college moment count. I swear it’s not as as daunting as it seems. Have persistence and good luck!

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