Cram For Your Exams

In an ideal world, you’d waltz into an exam after 8 hours sleep, a morning walk and a healthy breakfast. You’d have studied consistently for the past few months, creating flashcards, detailed notes, and have a swag of practice exams under your belt. Is this always the case? Not quite.

If you’ve found yourself with pressing deadlines, and no time on your side, it’s time to 'cram'. This emergency study technique may just save your results.

Step 1: Acceptance

You’re in the battle zone, and cramming is now necessary. You’re probably at least partly to blame for this study emergency, but the facts remain the facts. You have officially less time than you need, so we’re talking a work through the night situation. When you’re at the stage when every hour counts, it’s not pretty. So buckle in and get ready. You’re about to discover your physical and psychological limits.

Step 2: Focus

You’re probably stressed, so use that energy to tackle the task at hand. The procrastination window is officially closed. You’re going to follow the steps below, and you’ll feel better afterwards.

Step 3: Eliminate

Remove all distractions immediately. No phone, no tv. No social media of any kind. You need all the time you can get.

Step 4: Survive

Eat small, healthy meals and drink lots of water. Get things rolling with a good strong coffee, but keep it to just a few. Energy drinks might make you feel revved up, but they’ll also reduce the quality of your work. Sleep if you can, but if you’ve only got the evening, you might need to push through and make up for it the next day. It might make all the difference.

Step 5: Prepare

Gather everything you need and put it in easy reach.

Step 6: Stay with it

Persist until the task is done, or your time’s up. There’s nothing like a bit of pressure to get you working quickly.

Rather study smarter next time? Get in touch with one of our Personal Education Consultants for some study tips that won’t have you sweating before exams.

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