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Australia's events industry has performed strongly over the past five years. There is a consistent need for event promotion and management services for industry conferences, government exhibitions, music concerts and major sporting events. If you’re looking towards a career specialising in events, here are some of the exciting roles available.

Event Coordinator

The average salary for an event coordinator in Australia is $54,158. An event coordinator puts together events including all the details from client meetings to clean up. They prepare budgets, scout for locations, organise sponsors and guests, and food and beverages. An event coordinator also contacts the press. On the day of an event, duties include overseeing support staff, such as florists and caterers.

Conference Manager

A conference manager is responsible for overseeing conferences. Duties may include finding sponsors, client liaison, sourcing vendors and organising conference logistics. A conference manager needs skills in problem-solving and dealing with last minute changes. The average salary for this sort of role is AU$62,405.

Event Manager

Event managers create, organise and execute a wide range of events, from concerts to festivals. After an initial client meeting to establish needs and preferences, an event manager works within a budget to build the event. Event managers also work with third-party vendors, such as venue owners and caterers. In Australia, they can expect to earn an average salary of $61,431.


Exhibition Manager

An exhibition manager develops, plans, organises and manages events, such as trade shows, museum exhibits and conventions. An exhibition manager will complete tasks related to site selection and floor plans, budgeting, marketing, and security, and liaise with service providers. 

Festival Director

Festival directors work behind the scenes to manage all aspects of a festival, from initial stages through to pack up and debrief. They work to secure permits and build relationships with the local host community. On the ground, festival directors manage the location and staff, oversee setup and pack down, liaise with contractors and vendors, and create festival materials. They also conduct a risk assessment and organise insurance for a festival. The average salary for this sort of role is AU$144,000.


Event Producer

The average salary for an event producer in Australia is $91,528. An event or conference producer differs from an event manager. Conference production includes event management but is also an industry of its own linked to the International Institute for Research (IIR). The main focus of conference production also involves researching the topic with the target market, potential attendees and sponsors. The event is then conceived, formatted and the content tailored to research findings. An event producer will write the program, secure speakers in the sector, market the event and oversee it.

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