Enterprise Exhibition Day: Meet the Judges

Macleay College’s Enterprise Exhibition Day is only a few weeks away, and the students are getting ready to pitch their ideas.

Enterprise Exhibition Day is the dedicated event for Macleay College Business students to showcase their capstone projects, developed in Enterprise Innovation units 1 & 2. The day is for students to pitch their business ideas to successful entrepreneurs and showcase their products and platforms during a trade show event.

Our judges for this trimester include: Naby Mariyam, Founder and CEO of Insuretech Startup Coverhero;  Glen Fraser - Advertising, Marketing and Communications veteran, and owner of consultancy practice Third Eye; and Ryan Brown, the co-founder of Handsome Devils Co.

Naby MariyamNaby Mariyam.jpg

Naby Mariyam is the Founder and CEO of Insuretech Startup, Coverhero. Coverhero is a platform that helps consumers understand and manage all their insurance policies in one place using machine learning. Coverhero is part of the Qantas Avro Accelerator program. Naby Has 20 years of experience in research, education, management consulting and more recently,
start-ups. She is passionate about AR/VR, machine learning and technology. She Represented Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Berlin 2017. She is an advocate for Diversity of thought in technology and women in leadership.

Glen Fraser

Glen-Fraser.pngGlen Fraser is a highly experienced and multi-skilled communications professional having spent over 30 years in the Advertising, Marketing and Communications industries across Europe and Australia. The last 20 years have been in agency management as either Partner, MD or CEO and he has a proven track record of management, growth and profitability.

He currently runs his own consultancy practice Third Eye, advising both clients and agencies on communications best practice as well as being a Board Advisor to a number of independent agencies. In addition, he is a Non-Executive Director of the UK based The Marketing Group Plc and is a past Chairman of the Advertising Federation of Australia (NSW).

Ryan BrownRyan Brown Handsome Devils.png

Ryan Brown is the co-founder of Handsome Devils Co. Handsome Devils Co. was created to disrupt a condiment market full of products made with nothing natural, with an aim to run a business through organic growth and zero debt.

After 4 years the company has gone national and are looking to start exporting to larger markets in early 2018.

Read more about the Entrepreneurship units in the Business + Marketing course brochure, which can be downloaded here.

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