Enterprise Exhibition Day: Meet The Teams

Enterprise Exhibition Day is the dedicated event for Macleay College Business students to showcase their capstone projects, developed in Enterprise Innovation units 1 & 2. The day is for students to pitch their business ideas to successful entrepreneurs and showcase their products and platforms during a trade show event.

With the Sydney Exhibition Day just around the corner, we wanted to find out how the teams were going and what some of the business ideas were before the day.

Her Trip
Mikayla Johnson & Sophie Cox

Her Trip is an app that helps females travel safely by connecting them to trusted travel services globally. Her Trip provides trusted accommodation with extensive safety and background checks, so that users can rest easy. Females are able to access reviews of recommended transportation services and activities and are able to book all of these services through the Her Trip application.

Her Trip’s target market are females from Australia between the ages of 15-35, with goals of targeting the older market in years to come. Our long-term goal for Her Trip, is to gain financial backing and make this idea into a real business, growing into international markets.

The most exciting part of this assessment has been realising that this idea is within our reach. We both intend on taking our pitching skills to real-world investors and turning our pitch idea into a successful business. We both agree that the concept behind Her Trip is one of value and would prove an asset to all women travelling abroad.

My Daily Organiser
Claudia Della-Ca & Nandika Gosai

ORGANISER-LOGO-1.pngMy Daily Organiser is an app that helps domestic and international students who are living out of home in Western Sydney balance their health and finances.

Our unique selling point is that we understand our ‘customer’. We both fall into the age of our target market and are able to see the struggles a student has with saving money and paying bills, while trying to balance a healthy diet with the temptation of fast food.

Our long-term goal for the business is to expand all over Sydney, nationally and internationally.  This will help us to target more potential customers and give us more exposure. The benefit of operating internationally is that we can help students when in their home countries as well as being a guide for Sydney students who travel overseas for study.

The most enjoyable part of the process has been finding a problem to solve that we both found interesting. Working together and creating something that was relatable to both of us was extremely rewarding. My Daily Organiser is a product that we needed and something we know others would too.

Impact Talker
Larissa Williams & Stewart Croker

Our business idea is Impact Talker, a content and coaching platform that helps managers who want to motivate staff by enlightening, knowledge-enhancing and eliciting confidence in speech.

We provide our customers with content to help them find the right words to produce inspiring speeches. Impact Talker is also a community model where our app turns into a collaborative network for like-minded people to engage and share content and feedback with each other to help them build their professional networks. Impact Talker is a platform for personal development as it provides access to training and techniques.

Our long-term business goal is to broaden our target audience and customer database from B2C to B2B. We want to be able to approach large companies to offer our platform as a staff incentive and personal development tool to encourage career progression.

By already working full-time in a demanding Marketing Manager role, it has been good to get my brain thinking and operating in different ways than I do in my day-to-day role. I have loved collaborating and working as a team with my business partner Stewart, and playing to each other's strengths and skillsets. We are both mature age students, so it has been an eye opener and really motivating to be amongst a younger demographic, seeing the incredible talent that is coming through and their passion to strive for more. - Larissa Williams

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