Exhibition Day Recap: The Winning Ideas

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Trimester 3, 2017 Enterprise Exhibition Days from Sydney and Melbourne. Enterprise Exhibition Day is the dedicated event for Macleay College Business students to showcase their capstone projects, developed in Enterprise Innovation units 1 & 2. The day is for students to pitch their business ideas to successful entrepreneurs and showcase their products and platforms during a trade show event.

Here are some of the winning ideas:

SpotsSwap: Sabrina Abbas, Marlea Correy & Natalie Dodds

What is your business idea?
We’re the Airbnb of car spaces!

SpotsSwap is an easy to use app which, focuses on decreasing the hassle to find parking (especially in Sydney - because we all know how hard that is!)

Our business allows locals who don’t use their car spaces at home to turn their car spots into cash by allowing them to rent out their space. As an example, they could rent the space to student who studies in the area. These bookings can vary from short-term to long-term depending on the availability and the demand in the market. You’re able to set the available times and cost of your car space based on how much you think your space is worth (this would be based on security, accessibility, ect).

The app also features an alert system for our users to notify them when a space in the area becomes available.

What was your favourite part of the project?
The best part of this experience would be the reality of it all, it’s only a small glimpse of the real deal but it sure does give us an insight into the world of being an entrepreneur.

It does come with its ups and downs and at times tested our patience, confidence and our acting skills - appearing calm while pitching in front of so many people is crazy scary, thank you year 10 drama!

All jokes aside, the entire experience was amazing! Having to work with strangers to start a company in 6 months is pretty cool and knowing we did it so successfully is surely something we’ll keep with us long after our entrepreneurship unit is over.

How do you think the project will help you in the future?
Like every experience we wanted to take something from it even if it’s something as small as knowing how to create a logo, registering a business name or buying a domain.

I think what we can take from this (besides our really cool trophy) is knowledge on how hard it is to start a business, the constant deadlines and obstacles! It will push you to your limits! This experience has helped us appreciate rejection and feedback more than ever before, and has given us the ability to process it, and turn it into a positive. This is by far a skill I know I will keep forever. - Sabrina Abbas

Firestar Activewear: Chloe TowanBlack high q logo.png

What is your business idea?
My brand is called "Firestar Activewear" or "Firestar Active" (I pitched it as Firestar Active, in a late-in-the-game pivot from the original name Firestar Activewear).

My business idea was to create a range of colourful activewear options with a focus on male clientele. There are so many different activewear options available for women and I felt that in this field the men were really missing out!

What was your favourite part of the project?
My favourite part of the project was pitching my idea to the judges and seeing my work throughout the trimester come together.

How do you think the project will help you in the future?
Due to the success of the pitch I am now looking to bring Firestar Activewear into the real world. Obviously, since the project was entirely theoretical I will need to implement certain tweaks to the design of my business model (and look into crowdfunding!). I believe that without the valuable material we covered in the Entrepreneurship units I would not have thought of developing a business like this at all. - Chloe Towan

Wed Bellz logo[1].jpgWed Bellz: Carolyn Tucker

What is your business idea?
My business idea is for a an app to help you plan your wedding. The Wed Bellz app lets you upload your information, and helps you to plan your whole wedding day by sending you the top 5 best businesses based on your responses. This saves you time and effort by looking at different sites.

What was your favourite part of the project?
My favourite part of the project was definitely that I got to focus on a project in an area that I was interested in, and on a business I really want to create. Coming second in the pitch was an added bonus.

How do you think the project will help you in the future?
The project has given me confidence public speaking, which will help me work as an Events Coordinator in the future. - Carolyn Tucker

Her Trip: Mikayla Johnson & Sophie Coxher-trip.jpg

What is your business idea?
Her Trip is an app that helps females travel safely by connecting them to trusted travel services globally. Her Trip provides trusted accommodation with extensive safety and background checks, so that users can rest easy. Females are able to access reviews of recommended transportation services and activities and are able to book all of these services through the Her Trip application. 

Her Trip’s target market are females from Australia between the ages of 15-35, with goals of targeting the older market in years to come. Our long-term goal for Her Trip, is to gain financial backing and make this idea into a real business, growing into international markets. 

The most exciting part of this assessment has been realising that this idea is within our reach. We both intend on taking our pitching skills to real-world investors and turning our pitch idea into a successful business. We both agree that the concept behind Her Trip is one of value and would prove an asset to all women travelling abroad.

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