From Advertising and Media Grad To Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Marketer for Invisible Ink... Meet Eli

For those who are thinking of studying, do it! Education is one of the most important aspects to life, and I encourage everyone to pursue their passion.

With that in mind, I’ll ask an honest question: Am I the only person who thinks knowing their career goals near the end of high school is overrated?

I found myself confused and a bit worried half-way through my HSC year. What was I going to do next year? I visited university open days all over Sydney, and found one really intrigued my interest: Macleay College. Objective based learning, projects over exams, industry leaders, it all spoke to me! I did my best to participate in every activity, purely out of excitement.

Later in that month, I got a call from Macleay to open discussions and ask questions about the course. Little did I know, I was soon offered early admission into the course of my dreams! My future… well for the next two years… was secure!

I really enjoyed the transition into tertiary education. I found the first two trimesters so much fun!



Whilst studying at Macleay, I had the privilege of pitching too agencies all over Sydney. I loved this opportunity of pitching to Sudler & Hennesy, Sydney.


Then came Tri 3, and I was tasked with finding an internship. I raced around, asking anyone and everyone to take me! It was like my Tinder experience, or an empty lighter box, no matches.

Then, a close friend in the Macleay staff got my foot in the door and I got to intern with Milestone Creative Australia: Check out my Internship Diary here:

Over Christmas, and into the first two months of 2019, I worked as a Casual Graphic Designer with Milestone. My hard work during my internship earned me a job, a common story I heard with all my mates from Macleay.

In March I decided to dedicate more time into my studies, so I resigned my position with a heavy heart. It was a blessing in disguise as I now had a much better idea of what I wanted and didn’t in a job. I used this new found knowledge to push me to study harder!

In July 2019, I reached out to a friend at Basketball NSW and landed an internship with them. This was one of the best experiences of my life to date!

I got to work on creating content for the sport I love, and had the privilege of working on and attending the 2019 Hall of Fame ceremony. I got to brush elbows with Aussie Legends like Lauren Jackson OLY OAM, Bob Elphinston OAM and Annie Le Fleur. That internship lasted until November 2019, around the same time I was finishing my degree.

I got to finalise my degree with a major project: Support the Call. I created an organisation that supports sporting referees and brings awareness to mental health abuse they face. I am still very involved with STC, check out our Facebook page here:

Looking back at my schedule, I probably should off relaxed. However, I worked harder over the break and found an incredible working opportunity at a local agency in Revesby. Turns out, I wasn’t exactly what they were looking for.

They told me I was over-qualified for their graphic designer position, but shortly after offered me a larger role in their team. Fast forward a couple months, and I am a web developer, graphic designer and marketer for Invisible Ink.

I want to share a day in the life at Invisible Ink.

We start working at 10am, which is a dream! Local and late start time means I’m not awake at 5am to get there by 8 (unlike another internship!)

COVID-19 has affected everyone, and it shook us to our core. Most of our clients were unable to operate and we lost quite a bit of business. But slowly, over the past couple months, we’ve worked super hard at growing and supporting local businesses with applying for council grants and offering heavy discounts to get others along.

I’ve mixed between working from home and going to the Boss’ home to collaborate on tasks. Whilst working at their home, I’ve found two new best friends: the panic monster and the procrastination monkey.


Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 9.42.39 am


They represent productivity; if one of us are not working effectively, we place the monkey in front of them. It gets a laugh but works well. Having physical representations of emotions and work is an effective way of switching the brain on and off.

From unsure of my career goals, to working in the industry and with incredible experience, Macleay pushed me to be the best and I am keen on continuing working with an incredible group of people.

If you’d like to see my portfolio, see here:

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