From Business Entrepreneurship Grad to Photographer at Kiindred... Meet Kristen

Macleay definitely gives you the skills to find out and pursue your dream job. It doesn’t have to be the industry you’re currently in, but more often than not you can transfer those skills to other endeavours that inspire you.

Picking Macleay over any other uni

I think picking a university to go too after high school is probably the most stressful decision a year 12 student could ever make. There were so many options provided, and all shared very similar qualities to one another. I know some of my friends spent literal months deciding on which university to go to and I would’ve done the same thing until I came across Macleay.

What made Macleay stand out compared to all the larger universities were the smaller classrooms, industry leading lecturers, and finishing my bachelor in 2 years instead of 4. It just made sense to pick Macleay over the other uni’s. It was pretty daunting to go to a college where none of your high school friends were going to but everyone I’ve met since then have been super friendly. It’s also really easy to make friends because of the smaller classrooms. Who would’ve guessed?


Lecturer experience

So, one of the offerings Macleay had were industry leading lecturers. This is definitely reassuring knowing that your lecturers have utilised the strategies and ideas they have discussed in class in the real world. But what makes it great is having genuine conversations with these lecturers about either the topic at hand or anything in general. It’s nice knowing you can take a break from all the unit outlines, assessments and homework to have a genuine laugh every so often which is not something you can very often in big universities.

It’s also really interesting learning about lecturer’s hobbies and favourite things to do during their past time. They’re not always marking assessments and reading financial papers but doing other things like playing music or travelling. They have time for themselves and I think that’s the best lesson anyone can teach you. It’s not always about getting high marks and studying, but more important enjoying the time you have in class with friends and all the little memories you create during, before and after class.



Kristen working at Kiindred as a photographer.


Learning experience

The other thing that basically made me choose Macleay over the other uni’s were the smaller classrooms. For me personally, I’ve always thrived off teamwork, interactions, asking questions etc. This is just purely from playing a bunch of sports back in high school. You weren’t going to win games by staying silent on the field with your teammates. You need to talk and tell them why your strategy will or won’t work. You need to learn what to do. Now imagine that in a lecture hall with a hundred or so other students. Didn’t understand something? Too bad, wait until the tutorials to ask the question which by then, you’ve probably forgotten what you wanted to ask.

Now with smaller classrooms you can easily ask your question. You’re visible and can be heard. Your question can not only be answered by your lecture, but also your peers. It becomes a genuine conversation rather than you just consuming the theories with no real understanding.

Also, it’s not very often you get to know all of your classmates’ names in university. I mean, how could you? That’s a lot of names to remember. How does that even compare to small business firms where employees know majority/all their workmates, greet each other every morning and beginning learning and collaborating for the day? The small classrooms encourage communication, interaction and friendships. It makes it so much easier to learn when you can ask anyone around you. It also makes group work activities that much more enjoyable. As if you’d have it any other way.


Not knowing what to do in the future

Going into a bachelor’s degree will always be a stressful time. Deciding to do a Bachelor of Business Management, specialising in entrepreneurship, you don’t really know what you want to do after college. I know for me I had multiple industries I would have loved to get into, only to find out about another job in an elective that I thought would be a better option! And I think that’s a beauty of it. I think it’s completely fine not knowing what you want to do after college. I think what’s more important is finding out about different opportunities that interest you and pursuing that. Personally, I don’t think I’d ever see myself working in an office and I’m completely fine with. However, I have enjoyed working on an assessment in marketing and adding my own little creative twist to it. The great thing about college and university as a whole is to be able to explore different venues whilst being surrounded by people with a similar mindset. Do electives that interest you and see if that can take you somewhere in the future.


Header Image

A photo Kristen has taken in his current photography position.


At the end of my first year, I had the biggest urge to pursue photography. It was another creative outlet that I haven’t tried and really wanted to undertake the craft. What’s great about Entrepreneurship is that you’re not restricted to one industry, so I decided to do a photography internship at Kiindred, which is a parenting app company for new parents. Interning was a totally new experience for me, and it was scary applying and working there on my first day. But what made it so much easier was the way the business was structured. Being a smaller company, you were a lot closer to your workmates and it was constant collaboration between the employees and the boss. It felt no different to being in a classroom at Macleay. I asked questions when I didn’t understand, we had brainstorm sessions with the team, we went out and grabbed lunch, we talked about hobbies and we also got the work done. Surprisingly, you are being taught how to work in a team environment without actually being taught if that makes sense. It’s a given in Macleay. Whilst I was at Kiindred I was able to do some product shots for Seafolly, Away luggage and Pandora to name a few. It was a great experience and learnt so much about how a business runs and technical things with photo editing and studio setups.


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