From lost traveller to streetwear entrepreneur, Ansh is living the dream

Entrepreneurship student Ansh grew up in India and has now set up his own streetwear brand in Australia called Zeak Brown. “My passions were theatre and basketball,” he says. “I won Mr Teen India in 2016, but my parents wanted me to focus on studies rather than pursue basketball or a Bollywood career.”



Ansh began studying accounting at university, but it didn’t feel right. “I was a bit of a lost traveller and was looking for something, but I wasn’t sure what,” he says. “Something that could test my limits, stretch my creativity and build my skills. Not a bookish approach to learning. As soon as I found Macleay College and business entrepreneurship, I thought this is it. I never knew this kind of college existed.”

Ansh immediately noticed the difference between his university studies and what Macleay offered him. “Macleay gives you real opportunities and real-world issues, which has been so good for me. I’ve learnt real-world skills, like how to write a resumé and create a company. And I hit it off straight away with a group of people in class.”

Ansh’s experience in the limelight means he’s no stranger to brand and influencer collaboration. After winning Mr Teen India, “I started getting collaborations with Superdry and a bunch of other brands,” he say. 

Ansh used these lessons on how to stand out for his unique t-shirt designs. “If you want to be an influencer, you need to be different to others to get people’s attention.”

The skills Ansh has learnt in his course have helped him put his brand into production. He explains his passion for entrepreneurship. “The biggest misconception people have about entrepreneurs is that they just make a lot of money. But it's not about that. An entrepreneur is a person who solves a problem in our society, whether it’s by creating a fidget spinner or Airtasker. Being the one to solve a problem by following my passion is exciting.”

Ansh reflects on the ease of the Macleay enrolments process. “Personal Education Consultant Shibani has been really good to me. Having an international student advisor is helpful for all the international students. Everybody at Macleay College has been so helpful.”

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