Get the Qualification You Want With a Lower ATAR Score

What if you don’t get the ATAR Score you were hoping for?

Exams are over; you’ve finished school. You wait anxiously for the ATAR results to be released and pray that you get an ATAR to get you into a uni course. You log online and stare at the screen hoping you don’t see a low score…

But you don’t have to worry.  There are courses available to you where you will get a degree qualification just like doing a uni course. At Macleay you can do a degree course or diploma and really benefit from our different approach to learning. At Macleay, you get out there among the industry.

Macleay’s courses are practical and involved education programs to make sure you get real world experience. You won’t be sitting in a lecture theatre with thousands of others. You will be in small group classes and learning by doing. Macleay provides an experience that is interesting and engaging. Instead of cramming for final exams and worrying about scores, you’ll be learning on the go and having the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s leading businesses.

Leave ATAR Score Worries Behind

With fast-tracked diplomas and degrees, you can get the same qualifications as a university course in a shorter time-span. When you don’t get the ATAR you wanted for a uni course, you don’t need to re-take the HSC or VCE, you can start your course straight away through Macleay.

Macleay’s reputation for commitment to student training is well recognised and ATAR worries are thrown out the window. If you want to land your dream job, Macleay can help you shake off your score worries and give you the opportunity to follow your career.

Graduates from Macleay are industry ready and often get jobs in the industry that they want to be in. Adam Kidd, a graduate, landed a job with the Rugby League straight out of Macleay. He believes that Macleay prepared him with the skills and experience that he needed to start his career in Journalism.

At Macleay, you become involved in the workplace early and are able to put into practice the skills you learn, as soon as you learn them. Through the compulsory internships and working alongside loads of industry professionals, you get to experience what it is actually like to work in your chosen field. The hands-on approach to teaching helps to make careers happen for students.

Enrolments for 2016 are now open with classes starting 8th February. You can enrol direct. There is no need to go through UAC or VTAC. You can also call the Student Recruitment team for any help or advice on enrolling. So don’t stress about your ATAR scores. Just check out what Macleay has been doing this year.


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