Got the travel bug? Check out these dream jobs

Tourism is one of Australia's most exciting and progressive industries. It's also one of the largest, accounting for 486,200 jobs. If you’re looking towards a career specialising in Travel & Tourism, here are some of the roles you can look forward to.

Destination Manager / Tourism Officer

A destination manager, or tourism officer, develops and promotes tourism to attract visitors and generate income for a particular region or site. Tasks involve marketing, visitor management, the development of services and facilities, and strategic planning. The average salary for an employee of Tourism Australia is $86,00.


Hotel Management

Hotel managers are responsible for planning, marketing, coordinating and administering hotel services, and managing staff. Hotel managers in larger organisations may be mostly office-based, but managers of smaller establishments have plenty of contact with both customers and employees. A hotel manager in Australia can expect to earn an average salary of $61,107, with rapid career progression into managerial roles highly possible.

Ticketing Consultant

Ticketing consultants in Australia can earn an average salary of $53,212. The role of a ticketing consultant is to quote airfares or provide assistance to travel agents sourcing flights. They need to understand the complexities of different fares and find the best option for a client’s travel itinerary.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants work to make flights comfortable for passengers and keep them safe by enforcing safety and security regulations. Flight attendants provide food and beverage services, clean the cabin, reassure and take care of passengers, and administer first aid when required. The average salary for a flight attendant in Australia is $63,678 per year, 7% above the national average. Working for an airline also offers great perks, such as industry discounts and cheap flights.


Tour Operator

Tour operators make sure tourists have a positive experience by providing hands-on support and organising tours and programs. They put together schedules, contact venues and attractions to arrange for group admissions, and handle logistics. Tour operators can also customise tour packages and trips to groups based on their interests and abilities. The average tour guide salary in Australia is $72,870 per year.

Travel Consultant

A travel consultant in Australia can expect to earn an average salary of $57,390. Their role is to coordinate and book travel arrangements for individuals, groups and businesses. Most consultants are employed by travel agencies, while others are self-employed. Despite the ease of organising travel online, many people still use travel consultants to take advantage of industry insights and knowledge of promotions and discounts.

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