Intern your way to your dream job

Harriet Farkash, Journalism graduate (2006)

As acting deputy editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and founder of Flamingo Pink, Harriet Farkash knows the value of work experience. After a couple of gap years travelling, she enrolled into the Diploma of Journalism at Macleay College. She also started interning at Slimming & Health magazine where she was soon offered a full-time position as their staff writer.

It was then a fast forward to becoming features editor, then DOLLY deputy editor, Cosmopolitan features editor and now her current deputy editor's role.

Harriet says: “Being a deputy editor is like your favourite cocktail – not one thing makes it taste damn good, it’s a mixture. So you need a bit of writing experience, a bit of people management skills, a bit of budget knowledge and a creative streak.”


The perks

Despite the hard work and constant pressure of looming deadlines there are some fun perks to the job, such as attending PR events, fashion shoots and meeting the occasional celeb. She credits the course for getting her first break. Discovering how to stand out as an intern combined with the practical skills she was learning such as interviewing, learning what makes a good story and managing deadlines meant that she was trusted with more work, which ultimately led to a job. She also remembers this advice from her features lecturer on writer’s block: “Don’t get it right, get it written!”

Work experience tips

Harriet has her own advice for anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps. “The best way  to get a job is to be around the people who are in the position to give you one, so that means work experience.”  This can involve numerous coffee runs which may not be the most exciting task but she says to “do it with a smile” and eventually it will pay off.

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