Head of Advertising & Digital Media Receives Coveted Academic Award

Ian Thomson, head of the Advertising and Digital Media faculty at Macleay College has received two coveted academic awards for his Masters in Media Arts from the University of Technology in Sydney.

Ian-Thompson-1.jpgIan has been named as the recipient of the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Outstanding Student Award in a Master Course for the School of Communication and as the recipient of the Richard Braddock Memorial Prize.

The Outstanding Student Award in a Master Course is awarded to students who have been ranked as outstanding on their academic achievement across all graded subjects.

The Richard Braddock Memorial Prize aims to recognise excellence in the postgraduate communication program and is awarded to the student with the highest GPA of all the recipients of the Outstanding Student Award.

When asked about his decision to commence his studies in the Master of Media Arts and Production, Ian commented “I am a keen believer in the value of a lifelong commitment to furthering your education. You can always learn more. Broadening your horizons, knowledge and experience of the world adds value to life, no matter what your age. I had made a number of short films, plays and documentaries, but I wanted to challenge myself by creating a piece of dramatic narrative fiction to create engagement about an important social issue. Doing this within the context and support of a Master of Media Arts seemed perfect.”

Ian created a number of films as part of his Masters degree, which included an immersive video experience exploring the experience of being alone. For his capstone project, Ian created a short film called The Invisible Edge, where he used narrative fiction to create awareness and engagement around suicide prevention for young men in rural Australia.

The Invisible Edge was selected for a number of festivals both at home and around the world. These include the Byron Bay International Film Festival, The Big Anxiety Interactive Arts Festival, The Mindscape Film Festival (Los Angeles), the New Zealand Film Awards and the London Independent Film Festival.

Watch the trailer for The Invisible Edge here and find more about the project here

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