How A Macleay Internship Could Land You The Job Of Your Dreams

WITH Macleay’s expert industry advisors, you can be employed before you’ve even finished your qualification, writes journalism’s academic and internship coordinator, Leah Creighton.

KYLIE Walters had a pretty successful first day as an intern at Pacific Magazines.

She was offered a paid job before lunch.

The Macleay journalism student landed the internship just four weeks into her first trimester at College - and walked out of the placement as the full-time editorial coordinator for That’s Life! and Girlfriend magazines.

“Four hours into my first day, I was shocked to be sitting in the editor's office, discussing taking up a full-time role in the editorial team,” Kylie recalled.

“It was obvious Macleay had really taken the time to build a great relationship with the magazine.”


Kylies first DPS[4]

Kylie Walters first double spread at Pacific Magazines That’s Life!


Within weeks of starting her internship, the Royal-lover was delighted to see her first by-line on a story she wrote on “Repli-Kates” – hard- core devotees of the Duchess of Cambridge, who dress in her image. 

“I had the opportunity to pitch and write stories from day one. My first feature article was published in That's Life! only eight weeks after starting at Macleay.

“I have no doubt if I had gone to a traditional university, I'd still be sitting in class wondering what my job prospects would be.” 

Kylie is now completing her Diploma of Journalism part-time at Macleay, while employed full-time as a feature writer for Bauer Media with Take 5 magazine


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Internship is embedded into every course at Macleay, at both diploma and degree level.

Each faculty has a designated internship coordinator who cultivates contacts in their industry to help place students with their desired organisations.



 Melbourne campus alumnus Dominique Russell, who is an editorial assistant at Teacher Magazine, remembers the thrill of doing her internship at The Age - and finding herself on the front page.


In our journalism faculty, interns have been placed in every large media organisation, from the ABC; SBS; News Corp; Network Ten; Nine-FairfaxSeven Network; Bauer and Pacific Magazines to scores of niche publications specific to the students’ areas of interest.

As the internship coordinator for our journalism faculty, a key focus of mine is getting to know each one of our cohort of students personally and matching their skills and interests as closely as possible to their goal career.

When I first met a first-trimester Bachelor of Journalism student Laura Baehny, she was alive with passion for the industry, keen to learn and eager to intern at as many places as possible.



Laura Baehny in action interning at SBS.


Her degree (Bachelor of Journalism) requires a 120-hour commitment to interning, split over the course into 40 hours for the first year and 80 in the second. These are usually taken over two placements, or as an extended one if the student and host have found a perfect match

But, it turned out Laura wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a couple of internships.

Just a year later, the now final-year, 22-year-old has undertaken SEVEN internships (possibly a Macleay record!) – and is looking to do more.

She has interned as a: video producer for FIB; (Fashion Industry Broadcast) fitness writer for online magazine Urban Sweat; production assistant at Studio Ten; writer for Broadsheet; writer for The Lifestyle Edit; digital intern for the ABC and intern reporter for SBS.

“SBS was the highlight for me, as I went in there with no expectations. I thought I’d be doing coffee runs,” the Swiss national, with a focus on international news, said.

“But, I had my own desk, I was paired with the same journalist and went out with them every day. You learn so much because you don’t swap journos, they sit with you and show you what they’re doing.”

Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Laura completed a show-reel, did interviews on camera and had two packages published on the SBS site.

“I was with people who really wanted to help me.”


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Equally willing to throw themselves into internship opportunities, Ari Kimber, final-year Bachelor of Journalism student and SRC president has done four placements…so far.

He was switched-on halogen as an intern for Network Ten, Seven’s Sunrise and Urban Sweat. But for the politically active 21-year-old, interning with Independent Kerryn Phelps’ prime-ministerial campaign was the highlight. 

“I loved Seven, getting to see how a real newsroom worked and what goes on behind the scenes,” he said.

“But (working with) Kerryn opened my eyes to how much you can do with a journalism degree. The skills relate to so many industries.”

While Dr Phelps wasn’t ultimately successful in her campaign, she had seen a winner in Ari, who she quickly moved from intern to actual staff ahead of her contest.

“Working for her was amazing,” said Ari, who has future prime ministerial dreams himself.




And of course, let’s not forget journalism star Emma Gillman, (who was employed as Mamamia’s casual editorial assistant by the final day of her placement!)

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