How A PR Student Became Swarovski's Events Executive Before Graduating

Macleay Business graduate Holly Moody shares how she became an Events Executive at Swarovski before graduating.  

My journey starts on the sunny Gold Coast, where I grew up. In Year 12, I gained early entry into Griffith University, and I planned to roll full steam ahead with a Bachelor of Journalism. After one week into university life, I just knew it wasnt for me. I needed something different, where I wasnt 1 of 200 people sitting in a lecture theatre.  

Luckily, fate struck when I discovered Macleay in a Google search. The college seemed to value a personal and hands-on approach to learning. I knew straight away it was the kind of educational environment I would thrive in. 


Macleay Graduate Holly Moody at Swarovski's Head Office in Sydney. 

Fast forward a year, I was accepted for the Diploma of Journalism course at Macleay. Just before I started, my gut told me I needed to enrol in the Diploma of Business Management (Public Relations) instead. So, I switched courses!  

I started studying in September 2015, not really knowing much about PR but embraced it with open arms and found myself loving it. I found the assessment tasks a real highlight as you were allowed to do things that a PR role requires in the real world. I was so glad to have found a college that actually prepares you for the workforce. 


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There it was: a part-time (thank goodness) PR Assistant role at Swarovski. How wonderful! I could work 3 days, including weekends, study on weekdays and do night classes in-between. What a balance! 

After initially getting excited, I started to doubt myself. Would I get the job while I was still studying? Taking a deep breath, I applied anyway. A couple of weeks later, I received a phone call stage one of the Swarovski recruitment process! This progressed to two face-to-face interviews. 

The experience was surreal. Then the call came: I got the job! Two days after my 20th  birthday, I started as a PR Assistant at a worldwide jewellery brand. It's not something I thought would be possible for little old Holly from the Gold Coast. More than three years later, I'm still at Swarovski and loving it more than ever! 


Holly attending her first Swarovski press launch party for Swarovski's 1H18 'Rainbow Paradise' collection. 

After working in my part-time role for one year, I started to crave more. I secured a full-time PR and Communications while studying full-time, biting off more than I could chew! Switching to part-time study, I was able to work and go to college comfortably. Macleay even had night classes available! I wont lie, it was hard work, but I wouldnt have changed a thing. I was on my dream path. 


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I worked on some fantastic projects during my PR stint at Swarovski. These included collection launches, photo and video shoots, event sponsorships and even the ARIA Awards! All of it was made possible by determination and, of course, Macleay College.  

Swarovski was a red carpet sponsor for the 2017 Aria Awards and Holly attends.  

A year later, the craving for more came around again. I was promoted to Events Executive in September 2018. This was my third position in three years and, technically, I still hadnt graduated! Now, 11 months into the role, I have produced some of our most successful in-store events. I get to work closely with our stores and customers, which is an entirely different space to what Ive worked in previously. 

This week, I executed a Chinese Valentines Day event in our Flagship Westfield Sydney store. I designed the activation to test effectiveness and engagement around a multicultural event. With the help of beautiful suppliers, I pulled together a love-inspired 'crystallised' photo moment, branded polaroid shots, beautiful balloons and floral arrangements and delicious sweet treats.   

The event was a great success. Swarovski's Chinese Valentine's Day was fun to execute it's always a treat to see how customers interact with something different in our stores. It helps that patrons love our sparkling sweets! 

I'm so happy with where I am at in my career and feel lucky to have incredible opportunities and experiences at Swarovski. I enjoy going to work every single day, and no day is ever the same! My career probably wouldnt have skyrocketed without Macleay, and I'm forever thankful.  


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