How to Concentrate on Studies for Long Hours (Like a Zen Master)

Have you ever wished you could better control your mind?

It’s frustrating, because you know that you really need to concentrate on something, and you’re trying your best, but you just keep on getting distracted.

You’re not alone. Focus has become a huge topic in recent years, largely because technology related interruptions have been making it harder for us to sustain concentration for long periods of time.

But this doesn’t mean that we can’t see significant improvements to our attentional-control. Our ability to do so is a puzzle. We don’t need to solve all of it at once, we simply need to figure out which pieces will make the difference for us.

What is concentration?

Put simply, concentration is the ability of an individual to direct their attention towards a desired object of focus. In psychological research, this is also referred to as attentional control. The ability to concentrate is an executive function, mediated by the frontal areas of the brain. There are a number of reasons why your attentional control may be limited, many of which we’ll cover here. From a clinical perspective, autism, ADHD and anxiety are some disorders that may limit our attentional control.

It’s often said that modern society has eroded our ability to focus on a single object at a time. This is because of an overwhelming amount of stimulus, typically in the form of marketing, implicitly conditions us to jump from one thing to another. Fortunately, the brain is largely a creature of habit, so by retraining it, we can mitigate some of these maladaptive patterns of attention.




To assist you to improve your ability to concentrate and study visit these series of short articles from the 'My Monkey Mind' website 

Topics include: 

·         How to improve our baseline ability to concentrate

·         Deciding on the best time of day for us to study

·         Eating the right foods before studying

·         Creating the best environment for us to study in

·         How to clear brain fog

·         Approach work with the right mindset

·         Create an effective study plan and set goals

·         Avoid distractions while studying

·         Remember what we study

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