How To Find Balance While You're Studying...Not Just A Theory

Trying to find balance and stay on top of everything while studying can be quite overwhelming. 

I created this weekly planner during my last year of uni, and my friends found it super helpful so I thought I’d share.

Before I begin planning my weeks, I find it helpful to plan my assessments and projects. Collating what is due chronologically lets me know if multiple things are due in one week so I can get started early. To grab a copy of your own assessment planner, click here



"Collating what is due chronologically lets me know if multiple things are due in one week so I can get started early."


Next, I move to my weekly planner. Starting in the bottom to-do section, I take everything swimming around in my head and write down what I need to complete. In the hustle of life, when deadlines are screaming for our attention is can be so easy to zero in and neglect the areas that are most important to us. For me, work and study are important but pale into insignificance next to my family, friends and wellbeing.To grab a copy of your own weekly planner, click here

I found it much easier to balance the different areas in my life when I split up my to-do list; each column focusing on a different area. This meant that calling my friend to check in and let them know I was thinking of them becomes just as much a priority as an assessment deadline. Rest and downtime are also important areas to include. When our body longs for some TLC, we often end up ‘procrastinating’. When we prioritise rest and downtime, we have the energy to do everything else.



"When we prioritise rest and downtime, we have the energy to do everything else."


It is easier to prioritise time in your week when it is scheduled. This takes your to-do list from a million things you need to do and allows you to focus on just what you need to do each hour. After I’ve written out all the items I need to do, I allocate time for each item in the top section.

I love the flexibility of this style of planner. If I come home from work exhausted and need to rest, I can move the task I had scheduled to another time that week. As a result, come assessment or exam time I have stayed on top of everything, and I don’t need to pull all-nighters.


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Each season your schedule will need tweaking and reworking. The goal of a planner isn’t to have some rigid list that makes you more stressed but rather be a tool that helps you prioritise what is most important in your life.

Planning your time and making room for the people and things you love most sounds so simple, but it makes a significant difference. The secret is to use it throughout your whole trimesters - don’t just wait for crunch time!

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