How To Learn A New Skill

Isabella goes through a list of new skills you can learn during the Covid-19 lockdown to ensure your being productive at home.


Although we’re all spending a significant amount of time at home, a lot of us want to ensure that we’re still undertaking activities that are somewhat productive. From drawing, attempting a Tik Tok challenge to learning a new language, the notion of learning something new has been a consistent theme over the last few weeks. So, I’ve compiled a list of new skills that vary in time & energy. Have a read and let us know if you decide to give any a crack!





Although origami can sometimes seem fiddly and complicated, origami me has a range of templates and step by step instructions with a variety of designs to choose from. Start off with an easy design such as the flying squirrel and then work your way up to the penguin. Not only does the process and completion of making origami feel rewarding, you also end up with an aesthetically pleasing work of art.




Learning auslan:

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed the growing presence of auslan interpreters on our screens, particularly during press conferences and news reports during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NSW deaf society host online, introductory classes for beginners where you will learn how to greet yourself and communicate basic questions and answers. If learning auslan interests you, find out more here.




Learn how to create a website:

While this idea might seem a little farfetched, websites such as wordpress, wix and square space provide customisable templates to help build your own website. This ultimately requires little technical or coding skills required. You can then use your website as part of a new business venture, a place to blog or just an opportunity to enhance your skills portfolio to add to your resume.




Making bread:

Recently, my entire insta and Facebook feed has been bombarded with content related to baking and in particular, bread making. With the majority of successfully, completed bread making content I’ve witnessed, I’m assuming that this suggestion is somewhat achievable!? I reference Jamie Oliver in my previous blog and I’m about to do it again. Watch Jamie’s tutorial as he takes you through the process on how to make a fluffy loaf of bread! I’m sure his enthusiastic attitude alone with get you through this bread making session.




I hope my list gives you some inspiration! Also, we would love for you to reach out to us if you decide to take on any of these challenges.


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