I Interned At Marie Claire For A Month...This Is What I Learned

From school chair to desk chair, Amelia sat down with the big guns at Australia's #1 Lifestyle magazine for women.

Each Monday, for the past 5 weeks, I have been interning with the magazine, Marie Claire.

I am in charge of transcribing interviews for the editors of the magazine, editing photos, researching and writing stories for their digital/online site.

So far my time at Marie Claire has been extremely hands on, which I love because I'm actually putting all of my learnt skills from Macleay College to work, in a real work place. 

I have always known from such a young age that I wanted to be a writer for a magazine that covers stories in the areas of fashion, beauty, food, celebrity, lifestyle and (my personal favourite) travel. 


Marie Claire Cover

Marie Claire is Australia's #1 Lifestyle magazine for women.


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To say that I am even interning with such an established and renowned magazine that covers all of the areas I am so deeply interested in, is truly surreal. I have gained so much insight and new experience from my time spent with Marie Claire, including research techniques and writing skills. 


Amelia and Friends

Amelia finishes her Diploma of Journalism at the end of this year. Amelia celebrating at Macleay's end of session party last week (pictured far right). 


I would happily say that my Diploma of Journalism has absolutely been worth while in preparing me for the real world of journalism, with all of my learnt skills from the past year having been put to the test and used well in my internship with Marie Claire. 

My career path has definitely not changed at all, as I am enjoying my time spent with the magazine and am excited and looking forward to what my future in journalism holds. 


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Amelia Headshot

"I am excited and looking forward to what my future in journalism holds."


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