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Greta levy channel 7 internship macleay college

Name: Greta Levy
Course: Diploma of Journalism
Internship: Channel 7

How do you like Macleay so far?

Macleay is an amazing experience and is a very interactive environment. I am in my final trimester now and I have learned so much. You can get out there and get among it all, which is a pretty cool experience to have.

What will you take away from your course?

Among confidence and basic journalism skills, I will walk away here with amazing contacts. I definitely think that developing these major contacts within the industry is a vital part of this course to enhance my future in being a journalist.

What tasks do you get given at Channel 7 on your internship?

So the role I have been given is the field producer, so what this involves is going out with a crew and conducting interviews and see if I can get any CCTV footage to use. So far it has been a fantastic experience.

What are your future career goals?

Journalism is so broad, so my goals always change. I am definitely fascinated in every part of it. When I came to Macleay I wanted to make documentaries and that dream is still there. I love radio, I love television and I love writing, so the dream is still there for quite a few aspects of Journalism.

What is your biggest achievement in interning at Channel 7?

I guess on my first day on channel 7, I went out to a shooting in Kingsgrove and produced it. The video made it to air that night at 6pm which was pretty cool. But I have done a few things, such as trying to gather CCTV footage after a massive crash happened in Dee Why. Probably my biggest achievement would have to be when I was travelling to Channel 7 and I saw that there had been an accident and I was one of the first Journo's on scene with one other cameraman. I was one of the first people tweeting it.

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