Intern of the Week


Name: Emily Burns
Course: Business, specialising in Event Management
Internship: Camden Valley Inn

How do you like Macleay so far?

Great! I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm so the work has been challenging but really rewarding.

What will you take away from this course?

How to prepare myself for the world! College is so different to high school, and just the overall experience in itself has really prepared me for what’s to come at the end of this year. I’m much more confident in myself and where I’m headed and I definitely would not be able to say that if it weren’t for Macleay.

What is a day-in-the-life of your internship?

I arrive at the venue and check in with the wedding manager who fills me in what’s happening. Then, we ensure the venue is correctly set and ready to go, adding any finishing touches. In the meantime, we meet with potential and future clients to conduct site visits and last-minute meetings to confirm details of their wedding. I also ensure wedding cakes haven’t disappeared and place cards are set, but most importantly, take in as much information as possible!

Why do you think Macleay emphasise the importance of interning?

Time in the classroom and time out in the industry are two totally different things, and it’s so important than students see more than just lecture notes before they graduate. Plus, practical experience looks amazing on a resume and can be the make-or-break to you getting your dream job! Interning is a great way to make contacts and open your eyes up to a much wider aspect of any industry than you were originally aware of.

Being an intern, what do you think of the unpaid culture?

In my eyes, it’s kind of like a free education, just with wedding cakes and Bridezillas rather than books and laptops. I think unpaid work can lead to a lot of opportunities – if a business owner knows you’ll work for free, then they can see your immediate dedication and enthusiasm, which can lead to great things.

Top goal for the near future?

Happiness. In every way, shape and form possible. And to work a job I love which always keeps me on my toes! But happiness always comes first.

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