Intern of the Week

Diploma of Marketing student Claire Lancaster hasn’t wasted any time getting industry experience while studying at Macleay College. It was during an internship at a Sydney art gallery that Claire was introduced to her current business partner. They’ve since launched an emerging art gallery of their own!


Why did you choose to study at Macleay College?

I liked the location and the courses that Macleay offers,  the  access to industry professionals  and the practical elements of the diploma, such as setting up a business.

What do you enjoy most about Macleay?

The small classes, I really love how most of the lecturers still work in the industry an can offer relevant information and  share their career advice and experience.

What would you recommend most about the course?

The internship! I had produced and curated exhibitions before, but by getting the opportunity to undertake an internship I ended up running the gallery and was able to build networks with artists, art buyers and different galleries around the area. It was also where I met my now business partner who was also interning at that gallery.

Just this year we have started our own pop-up emerging gallery called Baru Arts, translated at Brave New World Art and we’ve successfully produced 4 exhibitions to date.

How has the course helped prepare for you for your career?

It gives relevant business information on how to set up business reports and run profit and loss statements. Although it sounds rather dull it’s really important to understand when setting up a profitable business.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to have a series of of progressive and environmentally sustainable galleries that present new and exciting ideas and concepts  based around the world.  Baru Art is currently committed to showing artists in Sydney and Singapore and we are working towards ‘Brave New World Festival' exhibiting three artists in Singapore this September.

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