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Intern of the Week


Name: Zachary Pittas
Course: Bachelor of Journalism
Internship: Bauer Media

How have you found your course so far?

To say the course is demanding is an understatement. It keeps me on my toes and there are some weeks where I have absolutely no free time, but the Macleay ‘environment’ is amazing. The calibre of Journalism students at Macleay, across the diploma and degree, is incredible. They’re all immensely talented.

What’s the most relevant thing you’ve learnt?

How to write! It’s such a basic thing but before Macleay there is no way I could write a feature or news piece. My interest is in feature writing and magazine editing, now because of Macleay I can say, “I can write a feature, I can edit another person’s work."

What was a day-in-the-life of your internship like?

Bauer was incredible. The day would consist of delivering magazines to their relevant section, completing countless editorial mentions or packing gift bags. I spent a lot of time meeting people from all magazines in the building. At Bauer, everyone helps everyone. Some days I would be doing photocopying for Elle, helping write ad sales for Harper’s Bazaar and then over to Cosmo to do interview transcribing and research.

Is there a part you’ve enjoyed most?

The networking. I loved walking the halls that Helen McCabe and Neale Whitaker have walked. Standing in the lift in-between Kellie Hush and a bunch of models was something I never thought I would do.

Why do you think Macleay emphasise the importance of interning?

It gets you out there! I’m sure it’s the standard answer but without interning, you have next to no industry experience. Or life experience for that matter.

What’s your crowning career achievement so far?

Interviewing Ugly Betty and Devious Maids star, Ana Ortiz. I interviewed her for Flamingo Pink as a freelance writer and it was the most thrilling experience. I was so star struck - especially when she stopped the interview mid-way to follow me on Instagram! She likes all of my pictures now. It’s incredible.

Number #1 goal for the near future?

Start a successful men’s style blog. Or be employed by Bauer Media.

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