Graduate Success: Priscilla Lee


Name: Priscilla Lee
Course: Diploma of Marketing specialising in Real Estate
Working: Belle Property Real Estate

How was your course and study with Macleay?

Really good actually! I finished my real estate course on a Friday and started my job at Belle Properties on the following Monday.

What’s the most relevant thing you learnt?

To really be able to understand what it's like in the industry, you've got to experience it first-hand. So that's where the Entrepreneurial Project and Internship hours really came in and played a massive role in my learning.

How does a typical day at Belle Property work?

I shadow the director and his team's day to day activities. This could be anything from letterbox drops to helping out on auction days. Its super fun and they really push you into the role as if you're one of their team members already.

What's been the most enjoyable part?

Being a part of the industry has really made me passionate about it. I went from being unsure about real estate to knowing exactly what role I wanted and who I wanted it to be with.

Why do you think Macleay emphasise the importance of interning?

You start understanding everything so much easily when you're working and doing all the practical work instead of just theory. You're also able to make so many connections and open up different opportunities just by being there and showing you're passionate and determined.

Being an intern, what did you think of the unpaid culture?

You need to realise that if a company is taking you on, they're spending their own time and giving you training to benefit you. It helps you gain experience that you won't receive in the classroom and companies are more willing to take you on if you've had some experience in the industry.

What did you want out of this course?

I wanted to be able to get a full-time job at Belle Property, and I did!

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Actually getting the full time job at Belle Property Surry Hills! My next goal is to become a residential sales person for the company.


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