Intern of the Week

Macleay College Diploma of Marketing student Adriana Kind scored the experience of a life-time working behind the scenes at the annual ASTRA awards.

Name: Adriana Kind

Internship: EckFactor

I am currently interning at EckFactor, one of the leading PR firms in Australia and New Zealand. As part of my internship I worked at the annual ASTRA awards held at the Carriageworks.

What was your role at the ASTRA awards?

My role was to handle the talent (PR speak for celebrities) from the red carpet and lead them on to the Game of Thrones Iron Throne for more photo opportunities and from there, lead the talent to the Twitter Mirror to take a selfie.

During the awards it was my job to take the award winners from the stage to the media room for photos with their ASTRA award, then guide them back to the ushers to take them back to their seats.

What was the highlight?

Working at the ASTRAS was an amazing experience, getting to see how a major event plays out and how a leading PR firm manages the media coverage during and after the event.

The event was very successful, trending on Twitter within just half an hour and it was covered by many mass media outlets.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a national marketing manager for one of the large liquor companies such as Diageo or Pernod Ricard.


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