Intern of the Week: Amanda Florence

Name: Amanda Florence

Studying: Advertising

Internship: Good Business Sense


Since November 2014 Amanda has been doing an internship at Good Business Sense based in St Leonards. She spends one day a week to complete her mandatory 60 hour placement and assists with branding strategy and re-positioning businesses and franchising. She also helps old businesses and work with them on developing a stronger brand presence.

What are you studying at Macleay?

I’m doing the Diploma of Advertising course!

What are the most important things you’ve learned at your internship so far?

At Good Business Sense I have learned to think on your feet and act quickly and it’s a really good skill to have. I’ve also developed an ability to troubleshoot and solve problems on the go! In my internship it is beneficial to be resourceful and do lots of research!

Is there a highlight at your internship?

When I first started I was able to do an event with Good Business Sense at Westmead Children’s Hospital for a Christmas Appeal event they were a part of. Good Business Sense has some great clients in the hospitality industry and we were raising money in accordance with them! They had a few radio stations and TV networks like 2GB and Channel 7! It was great!

What do you enjoy the most at your internship?

The owner gave me a good sense of flexibility while I was studying and it was really helpful!
They tailor-made my internship program and discovered what I was and wasn’t good at and pointed me in the right direction to where my strengths lay and I really liked that!

What have you learned during your internship so far?

It was really good as I’ve learned so much at Macleay in relation to the advertising industry and then being able to go into Good Business Sense and see how those skills and that information is applied in the real world. Sometimes it can be really helpful when you know something and then you see something and it relates to a topic that was discussed at college and see how it all works together. It was really good to see that for that reason!

Has this internship helped you decide your career path?

Yes, I think so – it’s taught me where my strengths lie and what direction I want to head in further. It’s also taught me what I don’t like and don’t enjoy doing in the industry. I’m really interested in brand strategy and at Good Business Sense! They specialise in market research and data collection which can draw insights to information and I’m really interested in it all!

What are goals for the future?

Haha probably to get a job in my field and to discover a little bit more about the different kinds of companies. I would love to see how larger companies work. Good Business Sense is a small business and I would like to see how a big advertising agency works! I would like to get a job and be successful in the advertising industry

What’s your dream job?

Haha I have no idea! Something where I can use my skills from Macleay! I think maybe a brand strategist or a brand planner, I think that’s sort of where I’m headed and I hope that’s my dream job. We’ll see what happens – you never know I might go off on a tangent and discover something else.

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