Intern of the Week

Name: Cass Sabin

Internship: Ascends Personal Branding

When did you start at Macleay?

I started the Diploma of Journalism in February and I’m specialising in PR. I’m not too sure about journalism, but the specialisation in PR is something I’m interested in. I’m glad I’m doing both.

What did you do before Macleay?

I have a nursing degree. I changed to journalism though as I worked at an online social justice magazine (that is now defunct). I was also the editor for iStudent, a magazine for international students. I finished there last year and thought it was time to get qualified.

Where did you do your internship?

At a women’s image consultancy called Ascends Branding Services. They do a range of things from dressing you to designing your business cards and writing your CV. I was on placement for 4 months in which I wrote copy for the website.

Did you learn anything?

I did. I learnt the logistics of running a small business and how important networking is, especially in the media industry. All the education in the world won’t help you if you don’t know the right people.

Did it help you decide what you wanted to do?

Yes, journalism is fun and I like writing but I think PR is more interesting to me. I’d really like to work in PR for government or as a PR for artists. They are always brilliant at their craft but so bad at marketing themselves and the business side of things.

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