Intern of the Week

Name: Chanthear Sek

Internships: ABC News, Fox Sports & WaveFM

Why did you start at Macleay?

For the internships and the contacts that you will make. That’s the most important thing – to get a job at the end.

What are you studying?

I am doing the Diploma of Journalism. I started in February, so now I’m in my third trimester. I like the course, it has its stressful days but it’s a big eye-opener to the industry.

Did you study before Macleay?

No, I finished school and started working as a PA to an accountant for seven years. I decided I wanted to complete something. I like Chris Bath (7News anchor), I think she’s really cool and is doing something I want to do.

Where have you worked as an intern?

Before I started, a contact at Macleay put me in touch with Wave FM down in Wollongong. I loved it there. It is a tight-knit and regional team – if you’re in the newsroom, you’re researching the news, writing it up and reading it out.

What about Fox Sports?

I enjoyed Fox Sports. I was with a new reporter each day covering a story, I got to do a few pieces to camera as well. That was something I could picture myself doing.

And interning was definitely worthwhile?

For sure. I expected to be getting coffee for people; I even offered a couple of times but, especially at Wave FM, I felt like part of the team. Now I’m just waiting on that million dollar contract!

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