Intern stories: Sussan Mansour

For many NRL fans across Australia, landing a game day role for a football club is a dream come true. We caught up with Bachelor of Business student, Sussan Mansour whose internship with the Bulldogs turned into a casual job!

Tell us a bit about yourself.SMansour.png
I am an outgoing and open-minded person, I like to spend time with friends and always enjoy having a laugh. I am passionate about health and fitness and always willing to help around whenever it is needed.

What are your aspirations?
Growing up I was always into sports especially Cricket and Rugby League. However school was not my strong suit so after completing my Certificate of Fitness I thought whatever chance I had to furthering my studies and working in that field was gone, until I discovered Macleay College. Through Macleay, I have completed my Diploma in Sports Business and am currently completing a Bachelor of Business. It has allowed me to intern with the Bulldogs Football Club, gain employment at a gym and more importantly has opened doors of realising my dream of one day managing a sporting team and being able to travel internationally.

What was your experience like as an intern?
My experience in my internship was extremely positive and exceed all my expectations. Being a massive NRL fan having the opportunity to work 2 days a week in memberships, attend game days, mingle with die hard fans and meet the players was a huge achievement. Being the only St George Illawarra supporter in the family of Bulldogs fans there was constant banter of working for the enemy, but also gave me a new perspective on the Bulldogs team

What was the most valuable thing you learnt at your internship?
The most valuable thing I learnt from my internship in realising how much goes into running a football club. It is not just about the games as many people assume. It was a real eye opener seeing the different levels and roles associated with running a football club, there is no shortage of job variation.

What are you up to now?
At the moment I am working in the Fitness Industry with Fernwood, I am a Fitness Instructor who runs fitness classes. I also work casually with the Bulldogs on game days during the Rugby season!

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