Internship Story: Lamourette Folley 

As part of their courses, Macleay students must undertake an internship. We caught up with Journalism student, Lamourette Folley, to find out about her experiences interning with the Ballarat Courier.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a 21-year-old Bachelor of Journalism student at Macleay College in Melbourne. I am from a western African country called Togo, and I speak four languages. I have been in Australia for almost ten years. My family and I are part of my community in Ballarat where I participate heavily in community services and engage in public speaking.

What are your aspirations?
I hope to become a foreign correspondent at either the ABC, BBC or SBS, but in the meantime, I really don’t mind where I start my journey.

IMG_20180309_120958.jpgTell us about your internship with the Ballarat Courier
My internship at the Courier was great. I enjoyed every single day of it. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I joined everyone in the meeting room for the morning meetings and scheduling, as well as joining other reporters in the field. I was given the opportunity to find my own stories to report on like a real journalist. I reported on 18 stories and 15 were published, both in the paper and online.

What was the most valuable thing you learnt during your internship?
I learnt that as a journalist, you must keep emailing and calling your interviewees to remind them that the story you have in mind is important. I learnt that no matter where you're going, you must always have a notepad, pen and a camera with you in case anything comes up that could make the next headline. 

Did you learn anything unexpectedly while interning?
Unexpectedly companies can call and ask for their advertisement to get featured in the paper or on the company's website. 

What has the Macleay experience been like so far?
The Macleay experience has been great. I love it because, as a hands-on person, I require more time with my teachers and lots of help. I have made friends in my domain who are very helpful with my assignments.

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