Introducing Macleay College's Sydney Student Representative Council

Under the guidance of student services support officer Russel Lewis, Sydney’s student representative council has hit the ground running. Spending the past trimester scouting students and re-establishing its mission, as they look forward to trimester 3.

Introducing Macleay College's Sydney Student Representative Council. 

Student Services support officer Russel Lewis guides the SRC team.

“The SRC is a student led group which represents Macleay’s student body,” long-time member, Ankita Sharma said.

“We aim to create a positive environment that focuses on all aspects of uni life whether it be socially or academically.”

The SRC has been an opportunity for both international and domestic students across faculties to come together and voice their opinions on how to improve the college. From adding music to the student lounge to running a blanket drive for the animal welfare league, Sydney students have already brought about exciting changes, just a couple of weeks into its inauguration.

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SRC member Amelia roach is completing a Diploma in Journalism.

Amelia Roach is completing her Diploma in Journalism and was recruited to join the SRC earlier this year, where she has embraced the opportunity to plan events for students at the college.

“The SRC is such an important element to Macleay. Organising events for the college is so exciting and such a great chance for everyone to come together and share ideas,” she said.

“The latest event we organised, ‘Bike n Blend’ was so much fun, everyone got involved… even the lecturers!”

To celebrate the end of trimester, the SRC hosted a race to create the tastiest smoothie with blenders attached to bicycles. A key aim of the group is to bring the college together and talking, and what better way to start conversation across faculties than a bit of healthy competition.

Amelia’s event skills have proved a huge asset to the group, and she is especially keen to get working on end of year celebrations.

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Blake Mannes is a first-year SRC member.

Blake Mannes is a first-year student who has also loved his time in the group. His word of advice to new students: “Indulge in every opportunity that comes your way. I cannot recommend joining SRC enough. At Macleay, I’ve been so lucky to have a huge say in how we can improve the college, and you should too!”

While the team may be small, Sydney’s Student Representative Council is bringing huge initiatives to the campus. For more information about the SRC, contact Student Services on 1300 939 888.


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