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Intern of the Week

Name: Janet Ho

Internship: Judo NSW

What are you studying at Macleay?

Business Management, specialising in Sports Management

What are the most important things you've learnt so far?

I've learnt basic computer skills that will give me an advantage in the office, as well as teamwork. I found it really important to learn how to work with various people. Eventually I'll be working with people that I'm not friends with, and even if they are; it's important to know how you'd deal with them professionally.

Is there a highlight for 2014 already?

The Entrepreneur Project. You're able to experience first hand the process of designing a product. The frustrations of producing a product are hard, but when you hold your first completed sample, it's a feeling of massive sense of accomplishment.

What do you enjoy the most at your internship?

I like liaising and chatting with the different Judo clubs to help them expand their clubs, and in turn, help grow the sport.

What have you learnt during your internship so far?

I'm now able to be particular about my wording of questions when I'm chatting to Judo masters from different clubs. I can get the information I need without treading on their feet.

Has this internship helped you decide your career path?

I know I've always wanted to help grow the martial art sports in Australia, and now that I've attended Macleay I feel like I am equipped with the right skills to take on any business; more than just sport.

What's your dream?

I want to open my own club of some sort, as my background is in the arts of Tai Chi and Shaolin. I'd like to focus on these, but also to promote, grow and publicise the benefits of Tai Chi to the public.

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