Join an industry with strong future growth: Marketing

Marketing is an industry with potential for strong future growth. The rise of online marketing means that the only way is up if you're on this career path. If you’re keen to fast-track your marketing career, here are some of the great roles that could be in your future.

Communications Coordinator Handles an organisation's marketing communications both inside and outside the business. Internally, they communicate information and updates with employees. Externally, they communicate company news to the public and the media. This includes creating and maintaining a media list, writing, editing and distributing content such as press releases, media alerts and editorials. The average salary for this type of position is AU$69,992.


Marketing Coordinator Develops and implements marketing and advertising campaigns, tracks and analyses sales data, and prepares marketing reports. They also research competitive products and support sales staff with information about market trends and forecasts, sales data and customer service requests. A marketing coordinator in Australia can expect to earn an average salary of AU$69,992.

Market Researcher Collects and analyses data and information and presents it to clients. They are employed either by a company or by a marketing agency to gather information around customer opinions and marketing trends. Market researchers specialise in either quantitative or qualitative research. Quantitative research is based on numbers and looks at stats and percentages, and can deliver quick results. Qualitative research is based on interviews and analyses opinions. It is a more extended process. The average salary for a market researcher in Australia is AU$69,992.

Brand Manager The average base pay for a brand manager in Australia is $76,521. Brand managers are responsible for ensuring that products resonate with current and potential customers. The role involves monitoring marketing trends and watching competitors. Working under marketing managers, brand managers develop, implement and execute marketing campaigns for a brand. They are also responsible for driving strong market growth.


Retail Marketer Promotes awareness and interest of a retailer’s goods and services to generate sales from customers. There are many different approaches and strategies retail marketers can use to market these goods and services. A marketing manager in Australia typically earns an average salary of $77,615.

Social Media Coordinator The average salary for a social media coordinator in Australia is $56,778. A social media coordinator is responsible for implementing social media strategies across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They create a campaign calendar and tactics to increase audience participation, also acting as the voice of those public sites. The crucial role of a social media coordinator is to actively engage followers in a dialogue to transform visitors into brand advocates.

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