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At Macleay College, we run a cutting edge journalism program.

The pace of change in journalism might be mind blowing – but at Macleay we are toe to toe with those changes, outpacing journalism schools across Australia.

When our students leave Macleay, we can guarantee they’ll be able to operate in the now digitally focussed media space with skills they’ve honed in our newsroom, our radio lab and our TV studio.

We want to send our students in to the world armed with all that’s important in journalism – great ethics, solid knowledge of media law, the ability to write and broadcast and the know-how to get a story. We want them to know how to mine data, do great video, make great radio and roam the world as foreign correspondents, understanding what makes that world tick.

But we also want them to be able to apply these tried and true journalistic traditions and skills to the digital world on all the new platforms coming at us at great pace, every day.

So, we teach our students how.

They’ll learn from the best – journalists who are at the coalface, many of them Walkley Award winners. They’ll hit the road to cover real stories, and go to newsrooms to practice and learn.

And every week our students will get to meet and mix with journalists who are at the top of their game – Caro Meldrum Hanna (Four Corners), Dan Box (the Australian), Mark DiStefano (Buzzfeed), Jess Hill (The Monthly, ABC) to name just a few. These journalistic powerhouses come to the college to pass on to the next generation how they got to the top, why journalism is so important and how they “keep the bastards honest”.

Ours is a vibrant and relevant journalism school where students are immersed in the world of news from the minute they walk through the door.

We talk journalism. We do journalism. We think about where journalism is going. That’s why we’ve put ‘digital’ at the core of everything we do.

- Monica Attard

Join us at Macleay College and be ready for a future in Journalism. Find out more.

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