The Power of a Hatch Media Pass

Hatch is like no other student publication. Hatch ensures students become immersed in the hustle and bustle of a working newsroom from day one of their journalism program. 

Hatch supports students to develop and pitch story ideas to editors. Students are also assigned stories to cover by editors. Experience with this process is vital for up-and-coming journalists, allowing them to hone their skills in writing, podcasting, photography, and videography. 

The Hatch media pass

Most major universities offering journalism courses do not give students a media pass. This means students have to chase stories, all the while constantly explaining that they are a journalist who writes for so and so.

Macleay, however, provides students with a media pass, removing the need for unnecessary explanations when researching a story. The Hatch media pass also gives students access to police press conferences, post-match media conferences, and even press access privileges to ticketed events such as concerts, festivals, and fashion shows.

“The Hatch media pass helped me gain access to many stories that helped shape my career,” said current journalism student and Pit Reporter for Speedweek, Charlie Bullis.

"To get close to stories at police press conferences and court trials, and speak to the people on the frontlines of breaking news was exciting and wouldn’t have been possible without the opportunities Macleay gave me”.

Journalism student Dinita Rishal says the Hatch media pass was crucial for one of her investigative pieces about the baboons which had escaped the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

“As students working on an investigative story which made headlines across the country, the Hatch media pass gave me a sense of identity as a journalist. It gave us permission to knock on doors at the administrative department of the hospital.”

The Hatch media pass also gives students the confidence they need to approach individuals and groups for interviews.

“It definitely helped with my confidence because people are far more receptive when I show my pass. It makes me feel like a real journo,” said journalism student Maria Sajulga.

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Talya Jacobson reporting from the ARIA Awards 

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